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Kudos to Premier John Horgan for listening to voters regarding replacing the Royal BC Museum. However, as Sun columnist Daphne Bramham points out, the cost would be a drop in the bucket compared to bringing FIFA and the Olympics to town for a few days.

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Linda Vanderhoek, New Westminster

Re: Private partners can help reduce waiting times; BC’s health-care problem predates the pandemic

Further to your column on June 15, I want to shed some light on the wait times from the perspective of a health-care consumer.

Nevermind the time it took to discover that an arthritic hip might be the cause of my ongoing pain (2-1/2 years, various specialists and injections), when I was referred on March 4 it took a month to get a hip assessment at Richmond Health Services on April 7. Then I got to see the surgeon on May 3. I paid to have my hip joint frozen to determine whether the surgery would help with pain on May 12, rather than wait for six weeks to two months to have it done at Richmond General. On June 1, the surgeon determined that I would benefit from a hip replacement and I was sent the forms to complete. I was told that I would likely get surgery in late fall/early winter — six months away.

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How many people are in the same boat as me, waiting to become one of the 88,300 who are languishing on the wait list?

PA Webster, Vancouver

Re: Metro Vancouver looks to improve bus, bike access to regional parks

How sad I was to read the article by Nathan Griffiths that Metro parks need to be accessible by bus and bike. Of course they do, but when will this ever happen? First, let’s get the transportation plan in Burnaby where I live to include pathways that will allow me to safely leave my home on a bike and access parks by way of slow streets and separated cycling lanes. Currently, too many people are fearful of riding from their home to a local park. If citizens have local access to safe, slow streets and then additional separated cycle paths, there is no need to take up space on the road. Driving to the park to ride your bike is so 20th century. My suggestion reduces the need for parking space and no more trees need to come down to make space for the behemoth SUVs on the road. While buses can carry lots of people, they can currently only carry two bikes at a time. But let’s speed this up too.

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How about bike buses that can carry up to 20 or more bikes and people at a time? A roll on/roll off idea? Where would we find all that cash to bankroll these good and cheap ideas?

Stop spending so much on the multi-billion dollar white elephant we call the SkyTrain. Spend more money on separated cycle paths and pedestrian sidewalks. Think this is expensive? Climate change is going to cost us even more if we don’t do something soon to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Cathy Griffin, Burnaby

Federal pensions not properly adjusted

One of the huge impacts on the cost of living for seniors is the failure of the government to honor its commitment to make federal pensions keep up with inflation. When inflation was already over five per cent in January, the government adjusted our OAS and CPP by just 2.7 per cent, barely half the real-world rate of inflation. The claim was that inflation was a short-term thing and apparently was going to go away.

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Well, inflation has not gone away. We are halfway through the year, and we are being eaten alive by the cost of food and fuel.

If the government really wants to help with the cost of living for its senior citizens, they could honor their commitment to us and make the cost-of-living adjustment to pensions keep pace by doing a further adjustment to our only source of income.

Bob Gunning, Surrey

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