Letters to the province, September 28, 2021: Readers’ reactions to the elections

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Sad day for Canada: we all lost. Imagine what that wasted $ 600 million could have done.

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Terry Taylor, Chilliwack

I think many of us would agree that the reason our prime minister called elections was, hopefully, to secure a majority government so that we don’t have to put up with the other parties and their wishes. Well, it failed and cost us $ 600 million. I have been a supporter of the Liberals for many years, but next time I can change my vote.

Tom Duncan, Chilliwack

So it seems our prime minister has a bit more political savvy and street cunning than his conservative opponents and NDP leaders. Despite constant dung bombing, disloyalty, and personal attacks, Justin Trudeau took the right path and stuck to the issues of importance to Canadians: the pandemic, the economy, and domestic challenges. Trudeau’s conservative and NDP tactics of name calling, negative profiling and disparaging images did not resonate with Canadian voters. Even a gravel attack didn’t faze him. When your opponents focus on their own party’s platforms and solutions, rather than constant criticism and low-intensity insults, they can become more relevant.

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Roger Bjaanes, Harrison Hot Springs

Re: Need help? People with disabilities are ready (September 23)

I commend Dr. Michael Prince and Ross Clinton for drawing attention to the benefits of hiring more people with disabilities, like myself, a high-functioning person on the autism spectrum who has decades of work and volunteer experience, plus many skills. . and some moral values ​​that employers often overlook: the importance of honesty, integrity, a positive attitude, hard work and perseverance, and building trusting relationships between clients and co-workers alike. I have spent my entire life surrounded by people with various disabilities, so I have learned to appreciate the character content of people and the abilities, talents and potential contributions that people with disabilities can share: disability, appearance, gender , a person’s sexual orientation, age or religion should not disqualify any applicant from being considered for employment.

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I would love to see more people with disabilities being hired and earning a good salary while contributing skills and talents and paying into the tax system, but the workplace politics that many employees have to deal with has to change if our society is really going to to be sometime. one with equal opportunity that values ​​people as its most important asset.

Leslie Benisz, Vancouver

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