Letters to The Province, Oct. 6, 2022: Strata rules in existing buildings should be exempt from changes

It is completely unfair and inappropriate not to grandfather existing strata with restrictions available when we made our informed decision, writes Peter Morris.

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While I understand David Eby’s desire for affordable housing, he should not disadvantage those who specifically bought in an age-restriction and no-rental strata complex.

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There are reasons why these were developed and why they have been successfully sold to date. Those who sought out these developments have made small, secure communities within them.

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In the alternative to Eby’s plan, grandfather in existing communities and target new developments for his changes. Purchasers of those strata units will know at the outset that units can be rented and there are no age restrictions. They can then make their informed decision. It is completely unfair and inappropriate not to grandfather existing strata with restrictions available when we made our informed decision.

As an astute politician, Eby should know it is unwise to give someone something then take it back. It is even worse if there was no consultation or consideration of those affected. Will this be the way he will lead the NDP?

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My family, and those of my fellow residents who bought in an adult-only, no-rental strata townhome complex — with the expectation it would remain thus — will use our votes to not let this happen across the board.

Peter Morris, Surrey 

Not keen on Eby’s plan

Re: David Eby shouldn’t rely on strata to solve B.C.’s rental crisis: Condo Owners Association

“Housing is housing” says a Vancouver tenancy lawyer. Even on the surface that is quite a flippant remark, because a home is more than just a roof over one’s head.

Strata buildings are homes. The owners invest not only money to purchase the unit or approve funds for keeping the complex updated and in good shape, but the strata also relies on owners volunteering time to run strata councils, etc. Rental companies have professional staff dealing with tenants, a strata building is mainly volunteer-driven.

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A strata building is not equipped to deal with renters effectively because the rental contract is between the owner of a unit and the renter. The strata cannot interview, select, fine or evict a problem tenant. That is up to the owner/landlord of that unit and some are not effective in dealing with problems. They just collect the rent and let the other owners live with the problem.

The tools for the strata to address manage rental problems are simply insufficient.

Hans Opelka, North Vancouver

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