Letters to the province, December 1, 2021: Government must use fiscal resources strategically to combat climate change

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All the money our provincial and federal governments have spent and plan to spend on fighting climate change will make no difference to the people whose lives have been affected by recent weather events.

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It is time for our elected governments to start spending our tax dollars on things that will make a difference. BC needs an active wildfire warning system, including manned fire watch towers in all forested areas near populated regions. We also need fire fighting teams on alert during the fire season so they can respond when new fires are less than two hectares, as it has been shown that if we put out small fires quickly we will not have the expense of fighting large fires.

We also need to build or rebuild levees in all regions of the province that are subject to flooding. Major roads and bridges must also be built to withstand much higher water levels.

Forget about subsidizing electric cars. They are useless in a flood or wildfire. Spending our tax money to prevent the destruction that climate change is causing to our people.

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David Nielsen, Walnut Grove

Re: The scale of the unfolding disaster in British Columbia is unprecedented

I have been following the news about floods, “atmospheric rivers”, devastation, road closures, evacuations, loss of farms and livelihoods and animals, landslides, etc. Terry Glavin’s article has put an insightful new perspective on events. Thank you for posting it.

Aloke Surin, Richmond

The power play needs a rethink

When will Canucks coach Travis Green realize he needs a right-handed shot in the left half boards instead of JT Miller? Rival teams are overloading Pettersson’s side knowing that he and Hughes are the only shooters. Miller can not just once a shot from the left side as a left hand shot. Move it to the second unit, put Boeser in his place and Garland on the left side of the second unit.

Rick McGill, Port Coquitlam

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