Letters to the editor, September 26

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Re “Sheathe those knives!” (Mike Harris, Sept. 24): Any comparison of Mike Harris to Erin O’Toole is like comparing apples to oranges. Mike Harris had a plan, the common sense revolution, and he kept it. It was well thought out and she wasn’t worried about ruffling some feathers. Harris had guts. O’Toole had no plans and the little plan that he had as a platform did not fulfill it. He was afraid to insist that all members of his group and those who stood for election be vaccinated. His platform (plan) was not well thought out. Being in favor of assault weapons was a big mistake. He was afraid of ruffling some feathers. O’Toole doesn’t have Harris’s guts. It is time for the Conservative Party to put a real leader in place of rags like Andrew Scheer and O’Toole. Until they do that, they will be in opposition forever.


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Norman shifman


(They have an examination of conscience to do and finally find out what it will take to appeal to Canadians)


Toronto voters have spoken. Gang violence, child murder, random shooting, and murder are fine for them. John Tory, Bill Blair and Justin Trudeau can continue their illegal head-in-the-sand guns mentality and continue to allow Toronto to be one of the most unsafe cities in Canada. And the good news is that liberal voters in Toronto think it’s okay with them. I look forward to the crocodile tears of our politicians the next time someone is accidentally killed in Toronto.

Mark Williamson


(Crime rate didn’t matter to most voters in Toronto)


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To sum up the results of the 2021 elections, the voters, once again (as in 2019), let the prime minister go with a warning without any punishment. Forgiving is great if the forgiven is humble and improves. If it emboldens and makes the person arrogant, it will damage the country beyond imagination. That is what happened between the 2019 and 2021 elections. Charisma seems to play a fundamental role in politics. Charisma and style without substance invariably lead to disappointment and regret. Later comes the epiphany, more severe and shocking it is. The slavery of a charismatic charlatan invariably results in an abyss of agony. Wait and pray that the 32% democratic choice (apparently made with eyes closed) in electing a Teflon leader does not spell a rude awakening for future generations.


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Hardeep Singh


(The finances of this country have already spelled financial ruin for many generations to come)


So Canada must now support Justin Trudeau for at least another 18 months! Well, console yourselves, remember and reflect on the ancient Sufi words: “This too will pass!” Truer words were never spoken!

Roger s lewis


(So ​​… we wait)


Re “The aftermath” (Warren Kinsella, September 22): As always, Kinsella raises several valid points, however, there is one more that should not be ignored when considering the results of Monday night’s elections. Cash is king! This choice had a lot to do with money. The fact is that there are more Canadians who want or need handouts from parliamentary powers than do not. This, in turn, represents a far greater challenge for the Conservative Party to overcome than most of Kinsella’s thoughts on O’Toole’s campaign mistakes, as future platforms would require a total abandonment of the fiscal constraint that it is traditionally within the conservative ranks. My worst nightmare is hearing a conservative leader say they don’t think about monetary policy.

Aaron McLeod


(All hope is really lost if that ever happens)



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