Letters to the editor, October 23

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As an expat from Toronto, I must say that the inflation rate in both Canada and the United States is ridiculous. Every year we are asked to stretch our hard-earned dollars more and more. When will we reach the breaking point? We need to remove these corrupt politicians and elect people who exercise some fiscal responsibility.

Kirk johnson

Open valley, Ken.

(There are politicians who spend a lot on both sides of the border who forget that it is not their own spending money)


Re “The inflation rate reaches its highest level in 18 years” (Reuters, October 21): Many articles lately on inflation and the cost of living. Canadians have to learn to breathe deeply and relax. After all, we have Justin Trudeau, who has the backs of Canadian families. What else do we need?

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Brian crosby


(We are in big trouble)


Re “Lost Freedoms” (Letters to the editor, October 21): There is no end to these characters who scream about the loss of freedom when faced with presenting proof of vaccination in various places. Comparing this with the Soviet Union or socialism is ridiculous; this person certainly has no idea how that socialist dictatorship worked. Each and every freedom that this person’s family members fought for in various wars and their service in law enforcement are highly appreciated and all of this brought us a free society. Now, this society is simply asking this person to participate in a fight against an enemy that is the virus that cost thousands of lives in Canada and millions around the world. By getting vaccinated and wearing a mask, you simply show that you care about others around you.

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Francis J. Zita


(It is an easy argument to try to make)


Regarding “Lost Freedoms” (Letters to the editor, October 21): I am sure that the author of the letter served his community honorably. However, there is no loss of freedom in our country and there never has been. The measures taken to protect our citizens from illness or death are basic rights and freedoms provided in a democratic society. People infected by COVID or who have lost loved ones to the virus are grateful for the current regulations regarding the entrance to restaurants, sporting events or large gatherings if it prevents a single person from being exposed to this deadly virus. I have family and friends who have suffered the consequences of not following the mandate of the mask or the vaccine and it is not something that cares about rights and philosophy. Perhaps the former cop has become Americanized and is blinded by the reality of this pandemic. Look at Saskatchewan and Alberta for examples of a broken security protocol.

Dan O’Brien


(Expect to hear the drum of loss of freedom for the foreseeable future)

Hurry up and wait

Assuming finding staff is a problem, wait times for restaurants are now longer than normal at 50% capacity. How long will you have to wait to receive your meal at full capacity and without staffing?

Gary Megaffin


(It’s a major issue facing the industry and it hasn’t been easy for restaurant owners to fill the gap)


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