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Re “Trudeau has irreparably damaged our country” (Brian Giesbrecht, March 8): I think that Trudeau should have agreed to meet with truckers who were parked in curb lanes but not those parked in normal traffic lanes or bus lanes. Parking 24/7 in a time-limited parking spot is an acceptable degree of disruption. Blocking normal traffic lanes and bus lanes throughout the day is not. If he had agreed to meet with truckers regardless of where they were parked, that would have created the impression that truckers have greater rights of expression and assembly under the Charter than the average citizen. It would also have created the impression that one can extort a meeting with the prime minister simply by causing inconvenience and economic loss to citizens and small businesses, who are in no way responsible for a policy.

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Bruce Couchman

(Trudeau was never going to meet them, under any circumstances)


The Chinese residents currently locked down due to a massive infection rate are expecting the truckers’ convoy to go over there and advise their government that it is unfair to protect the public well-being. Oh wait, the convoy participants will be jailed immediately for interfering with the population’s right to a safe environment and for disrupting the accepted way of life that the Chinese people expect in their country. When the truckers’ convoy participants are done in China — if they ever get released from prison and have not yet been educated on what freedom means — they can go to Russia and protest the rights of the Ukrainian people being disrespected and let the Russians know that the protesters are not happy with any kind of authority, especially the Russian government. The ones who are not shot immediately in Russia — or imprisoned indefinitely — can then go to Ukraine and give the people there the benefit of their misinformed complaints and wisdom. Most Canadians will be glad to see these protesters and anarchists masquerading as solid Canadian citizens leave our great country and enjoy their confinement in China or Russia, and maybe they will realize that we have a superb country in Canada. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn close compared to some of the alternatives. Like the song goes, if you don’t love it, leave it. The door swings both ways.

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Dan O’Brien

(Our country is great, our political leadership is the issue)


The United Nations appears to be almost as useless as the League of Nations was. The world is letting one man massacre another country and its citizens. If you don’t stand up now, what happens when China, Iran, North Korea decide they want to expand and conquer? Just stand by and engage in hand wringing? One hundred and thirty-one countries have spoken against Putin. Cover the fighter aircraft national logos with the UN emblem. Then tell Putin to guess what countries they are from. To let one man in one country dictate demands to the rest of the world is ludicrous.

Elliott Tavens

(That’s one of the points the President of Ukraine has been making all along)

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