Letters to the Editor, June 26, 2022

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Re “Coach makes dramatic rescue of artistic swimmer who fainted in pool at worlds” (The Associated Press, June 23): The rescue of the American artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez by her coach shows the courage that people display when they are called upon as well as the limitations of the human body. There are people whose courage is always on display when they run into fires, protect us, and save us but usually they are trained and ready, although that should not diminish our respect for them. We must praise and thank people for their bravery and hope that everyone will step up when called upon. Thanks to coach Andrea Fuentes for what you did and the example you set for everyone.

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(It was an incredible show of strength. Her instincts kicked in and she did the only thing she knew she had to)

How many more lies will the Canadian public put up with? Trudeau is more concerned about photo ops than staying home and leading our great country (but not for much longer)! I don’t like facing questions from the opposition party about the Nova Scotia massacre or how about the cost of living, sky-rocking inflation, and then there is the use of the Emergencies Act with another kettle of lying finger-pointing to slip- slide out of the limelight of more lies. Trudeau brought in the carbon tax for every Canadian except himself. Trudeau will lie, lie, lie until he believes the lies himself, then when lies aren’t working he will pressure his minsters to tell even bigger lies or fire them from cabinet (right, Jody?) or play puppet master for Bill Blair, Brenda Lucki and Marco Mendicino. Please, Justin Trudeau, hand in your resignation. You have made Canada the laughing stock of the free world — don’t take the great Canadian citizenship with you.

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(How much longer will Jagnet Singh prop up this shambles of a Liberal government?)

In 2015, Marco Muzzo driving while drunk was involved in an accident that killed three young children and their grandfather. As the years progressed, the father and mother of the three children saw their marriage fall apart. Recently, the father of the children had an interaction with Peel police and was arrested. Shortly after this incident, Edward Lake, the father of the children, took his own life from him. Such a nightmare that probably few could live through. One has to wonder of the ridiculous light sentence Muzzo got. Ten years. A free man in seven years. The justice system failed the Neville-Lake family from the start. There was no justice nor peace given to them. Time for the justice system to wake up and treat the victims as people who need justice and do not worry about the criminal.

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(There are no words to offer the tragedy the family has suffered)

Re “An ’80s revival” (Brian Lilley, June 23): I totally agree with Lilley that our prime minister is totally silver spooned and is insulated from the hardships Canadians are dealing with at this time. The PM’s smugness isn’t surprising at all — actually it’s typical of him. I do disagree when he says Chrystia Freeland doesn’t see government spending as part of the problem. I do believe she knows it is a big problem but that admitting that she is wrong would ruin her chances of being our next PM. So her Liberal vanity de ella takes precedent over helping everyday Canadians who are suffering greatly at this time.

(They will never change course or admit they are wrong. It’s shameful)

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