Letters to the editor, February 6

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Kelly Ogle and Joe Calnan have written a must-read article pointing out the fallacy of the federal government’s policy regarding climate change and fossil fuels, and calling for a reevaluation of the policy. Ottawa wants to present Canada to the United Nations and Davos elites as a leader in the fight against man-made climate change.

Ogle and Calnan note that Canada produces six per cent of the world’s oil, up from 3.7 per cent in 2005, while in the same period, Canada’s emissions fell from 1.7 per cent to 1.5 per cent. Ottawa wants to eliminate Western Canada’s 115,000 oil jobs and give up 30 per cent of Canada’s revenue by using expensive and unreliable solar and wind sources that require expensive backups.

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As the Calgary Friends of Science demonstrate in their exhaustive research, not man but the sun is the driver of climate change.

Roger Edmunds, Calgary

Canada must step forward to protect the seas

The world is at an important turning point. The seas have long been taken for granted, thanks to the protection of the US Navy. However, recent problems with the Houthis in the Red Sea and with China in the South China Sea have shown that we can no longer take the security of shipping for granted.

Canada needs to significantly increase its naval presence and collaborate with our allies to ensure safe sea routes.

Peter Breedveld, Calgary

Climate effects cannot be ignored

Re: Punching above their weight’: Albertans claimed $330 million in insurance in 2023 due to bad weather

The effects of climate change are not as far from home as some might think. Although the image of polar bears on shrinking ice caps looms large in the collective perception of climate change, a clearer picture for Albertans would be snowless winters conducive to drought, summers with choking smoke from forest fires and frequent hail, fires and floods.

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Ordinary people in our province spent billions on climate-related damages in 2023 (the hottest year on record). That number will only increase as we enter 2024, when it is projected to break that record again.

Although we are suffering, we are not innocent. In fact, we have all the tools to solve this problem, the only thing we lack is political will. If enough people talked to enough politicians, we could break a few different records here in Alberta: Largest investments in green energy. Most renewable projects. Lower emissions. The best world.

Mark Taylor, Calgary

Federation means treating everyone equally

The current Liberal government seems to be dedicated to picking winners and losers. This recent huge injection of cash into the city of Toronto’s coffers is a travesty. In a federation, shouldn’t those funds be contributed to the province?

The province, which has a clearer vision of the current problems of its population, would be the right choice for this contribution. I hope the people of Toronto and Ontario can see through the smoke and mirrors and see it for what it is.

Trudeau The Liberals are the most divisive government in the federal concept of Canada in our history.

George Gish, claresholm

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