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One of the fallouts of the Russian genocide occurring in Ukraine is the reality that both Canada and the United States should form a military alliance called the Can-Am Defense Pact and withdraw from NATO. All NATO countries have to agree for the organization to get involved. The Ukraine corruption argues that some NATO nations used to block Ukraine’s entrance into NATO is very thin. I think they are all corrupt. The daily slaughter and destruction we witness could have been prevented except for their moral hypocrisy. It is obvious that some other NATO nations do not believe in the moral values ​​that both of our countries’ veterans fought and died for in the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War. It is time for Canada and the United States to join forces and defend themselves, and let the cowardly nations look after themselves.

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Doug Thomas

(The US under Biden and Canada under Trudeau/Singh will never entertain the idea of ​​leaving NATO)


God bless Lorrie Goldstein for constantly shining a light on the Trudeau government pushing its ideologically green dream over common sense (“Does Guilbeault read his reports before releasing them?” April 16). Who can forget a New York congresswoman’s 2019 prediction that the world would end in 12 years if drastic action was not taken to address climate change. As a leading voice in the Democratic Party, she helped end energy independence by going all in pushing her New Green Deal. In former tree-hugger, far-left environmentalist Steven Guilbeault, we have the AOC equivalent. Guilbeault obviously has gotten caught out by wanting to put an environment tax on SUVs and trucks. Both America and Canada are now paying a huge price with escalating inflation and rising costs across the board by declaring war on fossil fuels, pushing carbon taxes, and costly and inefficient green energy! Let’s hope this green insanity stops before any more damage is done to our standard of living!

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Larry Comeau

(Guilbeault’s extreme thinking on environmental policy is alarming)


Re “Knockin’ down all the pillars” (Warren Kinsella, April 14): Kinsella’s thoughts and opinion throughout this column should resonate with anyone even vaguely interested in understanding the thoughts and ideals of the individuals locked in a battle for leadership of the federal Conservative Party. Asking oneself “what if I’m wrong?” Considering all sides in our attempts to determine truth or fact while digging through the foliage of subjective notions of right and wrong, will always prove beneficial, regardless of your conclusion, so long as it’s yours. With that, I feel his two separate references to Poilievre’s following him as “pink skin” folk attending “white people rallies” is wrong, divisive, unfair and irrelevant. I see those as four pillars of arrogance. Society is on a quest to understand what perpetuates modern-day prejudice and racism, and I do not blame Kinsella for his observation of him, but I do not think it’s helping. So, I ask myself, am I wrong?

Aaron McLeod

(You’re making the observation through your own experiences. But to Kinsella’s broader point, many will only look at what they see at the rallies and conclude he’s not someone they could support or identify with)

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