Letters to the Editor, April 14, 2022

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I found it very interesting that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to walk in a war zone with the leader of Ukraine. He showed absolutely no fear while walking those streets with the possibility of being targeted by Russian bombs. Good grief, we can’t even get our PM to meet with protesters who took part in the truckers’ convoy. I can’t imagine Trudeau even contemplating going to Ukraine to do what Boris has done. He can talk a good game, roll up his sleeves, but he does not have the conviction to do the right thing. All show but no backbone.

Don Hopkins

(Trudeau is too busy going skiing)


Re “Low productivity hurting Canadians” (Editorial, April 10): The Liberals and the NDP are more concerned about how to divide up the pie than with making a pie. The economy is not going to grow simply with more and more government spending. It is necessary to create an environment where businesses will want to invest — an environment where your profits will not be taxed away or where you will not be choked by endless regulations. Also, businesses need an environment where they can trust that governments will not go back on its word. Business investment leads to higher productivity which leads to lower prices. Canada needs to encourage investment and not simply by having the government offer to pay part of the cost of the investment. Canada’s inability to attract investment will have long-run negative consequences for our economy. Unfortunately, we have a government that doesn’t understand economic principles — nor does it want to learn. We cannot forget the PM’s two major comments on the economy: the budget will balance itself; and that he does not think much about monetary policy.

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Rick Hird

(The Liberal/NDP government at its core believes in government intervention in all aspects of our lives. It’s unaffordable and won’t work)


Re “Conservative candidates betraying grassroots on climate again” (Tom Harris, April 9): I agree with Harris on the irritating flip-flops by a number of current leadership candidates, and by previous leaders who fell by the wayside, hoisted on their own climate petard. However, when a campaign team fails to provide a candidate with responses to certain questions to be asked (Scheer, O’Toole), or does not provide the candidate with a consistent position on climate issues, team members have to wear it! If a candidate demurs, the team captain just needs to point out past faux pas. Notwithstanding the climate issue, only candidates who consistently take firm positions on all major issues should be considered by Conservatives when it comes to voting for a leader. Unfortunately, if past history is repeated, voters will be left with thin gruel.

Duane Sharp

(And it seems to be going in that direction again)


Re “A rendezvous fit for a prince” (The Canadian Press, April 12): The Governor General is a historic, but ineffective figurehead. The Crown, and its representatives of it, are historic but ineffective figureheads. Which brings us to Justin Trudeau who is, at best, ineffective. But, unfortunately, he has yet to be considered history. Should be a productive get-together.

Dennis Forbes

(Our current prime minister is getting close to that designation, but not quick enough for us)

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