Letters Saturday: Alberta unions at risk from cabinet change

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Of all the things Prime Minister Kenney has done, removing Minister Shandro from the health portfolio has to be the best. Now we can optimistically improve our public health system in the face of Shandro’s approach to destroy or privatize it. The unfortunate side effect will be Shandro’s anti-union ideology.


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I see your plan to destroy our public service unions. And make union membership even more difficult in this business-oriented province. But remember, it is the unions that work for us, the workers. The PCU would still have us on a six-day workweek with one week off per year.

Almost all of our social and labor benefits were promoted by the unions and were implemented due to union influence. Union membership declined as neoliberal political views influenced our governments, but they remain one of the few organizations working to improve our lot and keep far-right governments at bay.

Clements Code, Cherry Grove

Avoiding vaccines is pointless

For all those who choose not to get vaccinated, would they be so keen to rely on natural immunity if this were a smallpox or polio pandemic? COVID can (and does) kill. Survivors of a severe infection can be permanently weakened.


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Vaccines have saved more lives than any other public health measure, except for the provision of clean water. Avoiding vaccination makes as much sense as choosing to drink from a dirty ditch.

DM Gilchrist, Edmonton

Responses Needed in Decisions About a Pandemic

Dear Conservative Politicians: After living the past 19 months and watching you play with our health decisions, physically and mentally, you are now breaking our hearts.

Having a parent in long-term care has been heartbreaking. While we will not all get back any of the precious moments we lost, there is definitely little future for our loved ones. Our most vulnerable, while many are now triply vaccinated, have lost the last years of their lives. This without the comfort of the family and without even being able to see their faces.


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Many questions during the last 19 months about how things were handled. Questioning now, why vaccinations weren’t mandatory for all staff before, and why proof of vaccination is still not required to visit LTC. Questioning, why is proof of vaccination still not required in all possible places? These are sad times for all of us and we need answers, action and better direction.

Saxon Wolf, Edmonton

Schools should not serve the unvaccinated

I have ethical concerns and legitimate questions to which I have not yet had conclusive answers. When will school boards order all staff and support personnel to present proof of complete immunization?

Schools have an ethical duty to keep all children safe, but what measures have been put in place to ensure that all students are safe from being infected by unvaccinated school employees, including maintenance and transportation personnel?


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If school districts enforce vaccination mandates school-wide, students, staff, parents, volunteers, and community members who visit schools will be safe, while schools uphold their ethical duty to keep them safe. to the kids.

Schools do not have an ethical duty to please the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated have an ethical duty to comply with all emergency health and safety regulations when vaccinated. Stop thinking that it is your choice. It is not your choice; it is your ethical responsibility.

Tanna Somerfield, St. Albert

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