Letter to my sister who fought the war in Afghanistan

Your letter touches me (” Letter to my brother who opposed my deployment to Afghanistan », The duty, September 8, 2021) and reminds me of our exchange of 2007. I called on you to demonstrate, with me, against the departure to war of the Royal 22e regiment. “You are the active arm of Quebec pacifism”, declared Jean Charest!

For months, my heart stopped beating at the news of attacks on Canadian soldiers. I telephoned the parents in a panic. It seems so far away. But the news catches up with us, and you ask me what political science offers to help people in the midst of chaos …

Why the war?

Few political scientists criticize the war publicly. It is justified by a duty to intervene. Thousands of innocent people die from it? It is for their good! Or we have to “strengthen our partnership” with the United States, as you write it. How many lives sacrificed for our diplomacy? And which ones? Colleagues from other disciplines justified the “war on terror”, calling the enemy a “rat”. This “animalization” justified the extermination.

However, according to the Association of Revolutionary Afghan Women, “the imperialist powers are invading countries for their own strategic, political and financial interests, but trying to cover up their real motives with lies repeated by the powerful media companies”. Wise words, which are well worth treatises on political science!

According to these Afghan women, “it is a joke to say that the objective was to defend values ​​such as ‘women’s rights’, ‘democracy'”. In 2001, the Taliban had offered that Bin Laden be tried by a third state, but President Bush preferred to invade Afghanistan to take justice into his own hands: “Let’s smoke him, so that he comes out of his cave!” »Women? Schools? Democracy ? Nothing to see !

War is not a solution

The army then developed a humanitarian component, but civil organizations criticized this maneuver, which harmed their work, and therefore populations in need. You mention “a certain lull for 15-20 years”, but you were defending a government controlling only 25% of the country and a president elected by 5% (approximately) of the people (25% of voters register and 25% of participation).

Corrupt politicians and generals trafficked in drugs, jailed women fleeing husbands, tortured and executed prisoners. Canadian soldiers even transferred prisoners to states practicing torture, a forgotten scandal. Finally, the UN and Western officers reported that many Afghans saw you as invaders.

The professor of political science at CEGEP A. Hadi Qaderi, born in Afghanistan, specifies that his family lived there in “daily insecurity” and that “the end of the war is in itself an excellent thing, despite the regime that is coming ”. War is not a solution.

Contemporary history shows that the Western invasions have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of refugees, ruined and destabilized regions, justified attacks and provoked the proliferation of fundamentalist militias.

As there is no war without racism, hostility to Islam has worsened in the West. Consider the famous “veiled woman”, a silent subject of a paradoxical obsession. They pretended to be waging war on the “barbarians” in order to free this helpless victim there. It would represent here a terrible threat to our civilization, which we want to exclude for its good! Without forgetting xenophobic remarks, threatening insults, street harassment, vandalism of mosques, Islamophobic attacks.

Responsibility of warmongers

According to Feargal Cochrane, political scientist specializing in armed conflicts, civilian support for war is very problematic: our “States use and will continue to use violence in the pursuit of various political, economic and ideological objectives, [mais] as citizens, we should not encourage them to do so ”.

Those who justified this war do not admit their political and moral responsibility for this disaster, including vis-à-vis veterans like you. Our media have all defended this “mission” of “pacification”. Prizes rewarded complacent reporting, informing us that Commander Rick Hillier was throwing “jokes that cheer up theaters.” Ah! Ah! These media also criticized the anti-militarists. There are “no more aggressive than pacifists”, glossed The Journal of Quebec. Who will apologize for pretending that our war is peace?

So I’m so happy that you left the army. Will we protest together against the next war?

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