Letter from the reader: Tired of people’s attitude against the vaccine.

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It is clear to me how things have changed regarding the reverence for life, with so many anti-vaccines that they apparently have no problem with tens of thousands of people who have died due to COVID-19.

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Our governments have spent millions of dollars trying to convince people of the importance of wearing a mask and getting vaccinated to greatly reduce the transmission of this contagious and dangerous virus.

It’s amazing to me how unvaccinated people, who are the majority of those who go into hospitals, still refuse to get vaccinated.

They once questioned the safety of vaccines and now I have heard some use as an excuse: “Health workers don’t get vaccinated.”

I guess they have never realized that there are healthcare workers in the designated smoking areas of the hospital knowing that smoking can cause cancer.

The silent majority are tired of anti-vaccinators that can potentially transmit the infection to unsuspecting people through the mouth or nose, by coughing, sneezing, talking, or simply breathing.

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The province of Alberta is in the midst of a major outbreak, while Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario average hundreds of new cases per day. Schools have already experienced pockets of COVID-19 infections.

I believe that disregard for the health and safety of others may soon lead to more provincial closures as well. That would be devastating for both companies and citizens.

However, these same anti-vaccinators, if infected, are still waiting for our healthcare system, at great cost, to save them from themselves.

Peter J Middlemore Sr., Windsor

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