Let’s get rid of this archaic function

Between a princely visit by Charles and Camilla which ends today and National Patriots Day next Monday, we find ourselves dreaming that François Legault is executing the clever CAQ plan to gently abolish the post of lieutenant-governor.

You certainly do not know that the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec, who is the real head of your provincial government, is called Michel Doyon.

I don’t know him and I have nothing against this gentleman.

He can’t do worse than Lise Thibault before him!

The trick

What the CAQ proposed several years ago was to get rid of this tinsel of the British monarchy by avoiding appointing a replacement for this Michel Doyon.

By keeping the position empty, it would technically be up to the judge of the Quebec Court of Appeal to fulfill his role as a substitute.

And the trick would be played.

This caquiste trick seems to me effective and unlikely to create an uproar.

Once Quebec is accustomed to this absence of a lieutenant-governor, we will think about modifying the Constitution… or not. As Legault likes to say: we’ll see.

By the way, have you noticed that Prince Charles speaks good French, unlike Governor General Mary Simon?


The other day at Desjardins, I was flabbergasted to see that this institution avoids mentioning the Fête des Patriotes on its closing posters on the 23rd.

It just says: “Holiday: our offices will be closed”.

I was dealing with two cashiers who were just kids when Bernard Landry declared Patriots Day 20 years ago.

I asked them if they knew the reason for this holiday next Monday.

As I suspected, they didn’t know.

One ended up saying, “I think it’s Victoria Day. »

Quick, Mr. Legault… Encourage our “head of state” Mr. Doyon to retire and make history by getting rid of this archaic function!

Thus, you will truly honor the Patriots.


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