Letensenbet Gidey proves there is no limit to women’s athletics

  • The world record for the Ethiopian long-distance runner in the Valencia half marathon was impressive and opens up new scenarios for the best athletes.

  • The improvement of the footwear, with carbon plates and layers of foam, started in 2019, favors reaching great records since fatigue comes later thanks to the evolution of the materials.

Javi warA marathoner par excellence, an Olympian in Tokyo, he ran at ease last Sunday in the Valencia half marathon. “I was going at a pace, below 2.58 per kilometer, when suddenly the ‘hares’ of go they caught up with me. I was surprised. And she was doing nothing but yelling at them ‘faster, faster’. “ War and Letensenbet Gidey They crossed the finish line in the same time: 1 hour 2 minutes and 52 seconds, the impressive female record that the Ethiopian long-distance runner set and which earned her an additional financial reward of 70,000 euros.

How far can this woman go? Why is there so much progression of records, especially in the female category? How far does the technique go, basically the new footwear? These are the questions that EL PERIÓDICO has asked several experts, who agree that, unlike men’s, women’s athletics seems not to touch the ceiling and women like go they can run in the times of the best male specialists. “Women came to athletics later than men and in the same way they professionalized later; especially in Africa, when at a certain age they had to retire. Now thanks to footwear and the fact of having good ‘hares’, one was as standard go can reach records unthinkable a few years ago. For example, Eliud Kipchoge has a problem. There is no ‘hare’ that can hold his pace, which under normal conditions makes it difficult for him to go back down from two hours in a marathon. Instead, go, with good hares yes she can reach the register that is proposed and like her other women “, explains Jose Enrique Villacorta, Spanish background coach.

The change started in 2019

In a similar way it is expressed Miguel Villasenor, statistician of the Spanish Athletics Federation. “go he set the record on a magnificent day to set the mark, in good weather, without much humidity and lack of wind. And if you run the 21 kilometers in less than 1.05 hours, everything suggests that if you double the distance in the marathon, it could be close to 2 hours and 10 minutes. Because a few years ago nobody could think that a woman would get these marks. The new footwear helps and I don’t know if now, and if it will be go, but surely before the end of this decade a woman runs the marathon in these records. The time of go in Valencia is the one that had Miruts Yifer, Ethiopian like her, in 1980, when she won the Moscow Olympic gold in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters. But there is no doubt that these new brands that are arriving are improved thanks to the new footwear that has been used since 2019. “

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And it is here where the opinion of a podiatrist specialized in sports and with a great career in this field counts as it is Enric Violan. “It is not just about the carbon plates that the new shoes have, but about the layers of foam that incorporate these shoes. With the tests we have done, for example when running the same distance with a traditional toe shoe or with a new model , the athlete recognizes that they end up less fatigued and that fatigue appears later, now girls and boys finish a half or a marathon less exhausted than before. go is no exception”.

“Thanks to the rapid evolution and greater knowledge of materials, in recent years there has been a real revolution in the technical footwear section. We have been able to see how models that optimize the athlete’s performance have been arriving on the market, allowing them to lower their brands up to several minutes, “he explains Santiago Martínez Ric, ASICS Marketing Director. This brand, for example, has evolved a model that favors a faster and more fluid stride. The new records are yet to come and more in the women’s section. go is the example.


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