Let them know, there is already a team for the comeback

We have been deceived so many times, starting with the electoral campaign, that we no longer know where we are, although we are sure that everything is the fault of Josep María Bartomeu Y Ronald KoemanAlthough now, wow, it had to be now, when Joan Laporta, upon arriving in Turin to show off his best clothes, he realized that, indeed, as many suspected, “the year zero of the flight (excuse me, dismissal) of Leo messi it’s very hard & rdquor ;.

I still think, you know, heretic things, that until the top managers of this shed do not tell the truth, they do not verbalize the difficult situation, not the one the club is going through, no, but the squad, the team, starting with its soccer president, going through Matthew German, Barça football director, I don’t know which football, really! And ending with the new coach, we will not hit rock bottom and we will begin to show our heads. You have to reverse the legendary phrase of Pep Guardiola, that one of fasten the seat belts that we are going to have fun, for fasten the seat belts that come bumps, storms, turbulence, but we will get ahead.

Will Alemany speak?

I, the truth, I find missing (perhaps it is that he does not even have it in his mind) a speech, a parliament, an analysis, of the situation by Alemany who has always loved being hidden, covered. Someone who when he got rich from football (I’m not saying, by God! That illegally) said that he had won the lottery in Andratx, someone who was about to be the right hand of Javier Tebas in LaLiga and, suddenly, he became one of the great friends of Florentino Pérez and, suddenly, the football director of a Barça in crisis should explain what is happening, what they want to do, what their plans are and on what pillars, if any, he plans to build that project that, according to what he assured him Xavi Hernandez to Laporta on the flight back from Munich, “it will end up allowing us to play as Bayern in nine months’ time & rdquor ;.

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The journalists who are closest to Xavi say that the real countdown, the new project, begins on December 21. Wow, I thought it started the day after the defeat of the Allianz Arena, o en The Sadar. Well no, it starts on the 21st, “which is when the winter market opens & rdquor ;, when the sales start, when they want to get rid of Umtiti, Coutinho, the De Jong (yes, yes, both), Braithwaite, ¿Riqui Puig?, no, no, Riqui no, the networks would burn – okay, those who can and sign Ferran Torres, Cavani and, I see, that if he puts himself within range Haaland, despite the gigantic commission that will be Raiola.

It’s more. Not only is there a takeoff date (sorry, the next takeoff and they go a lot) but even equipment: Ter Stegen; Alves, Pique, Araujo, Alba; Busquets, Pedri, Gavi; Ferran Torres, Cavani Y Ansu Fati. Hala, they already have something to continue dreaming of! They are warned.


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