‘Les irresponsables’, the latest from Daulte, premieres in the Temporada Alta

  • Almost the same team from ‘Les noies de Mossbank Road’ stages this dramatic comedy that premieres at the Teatre Municipal de Girona this Thursday

  • Cristina Genebat, Marta Marco and Nora Navas interpret the play under Sílvia Munt’s orders, which will land at La Villarroel in November

‘Les irresponsables’, a story of heartbreak and female friendship written by Javier Daulte (Buenos Aires, 1963), brings together again practically the same team of women that triumphed with ‘Les noies de Mossbank Road’. The director Sílvia Munt and the actresses Cristina Genebat and Marta Marco they wanted to meet again. But this time, instead of Clara Segura -committed to other projects-, the third vertex of the triangle protagonist of this dramatic comedy is occupied by the award-winning Nora navas. Both she, who premiered some of the first pieces by the Argentine author in Catalonia such as ‘Out of the box’ and ‘4D Òptic’, as well as the rest of the team are keen to premiere the play in Girona, at the Municipal Theater this Thursday. There are several functions planned in Girona and one in Palafrugell within the High Season. In Barcelona it will stop at La Villarroel from November 27 to February 16.

The work explore the most pathetic facet of the human being through two sisters and a friend between 45 and 50 years old, three imperfect beings who decide to seclude themselves for a weekend in a posh ‘resort’ that doesn’t suit them. They do not celebrate anything, rather the opposite. They try to cheer up one of them, devastated after breaking up with her partner after sensing her infidelity. “The intentions are some at the beginning but the emotions end up dragging the characters, who are very human,” explains Genebat. “It is a very intense journey, both psychologically and emotionally because everything happens in one night,” adds Marco.

“It is a very intense journey, both psychologically and emotionally because everything happens in one night”

Marta Marco, actress

Daulte, a wise builder of theatrical gears that combine ‘thriller’ and humor, takes this work to a delirious point. “As you get to know the characters, you realize that these women who seem crazy only reflect how crazy we all are, something we usually hide. The play raises a debate between good and evil. Talk about what we want, about self-censorship and the need for connect with our inner drives“says the director.” Beyond making you laugh, the text shows how pathetic and fragile we are when they hurt us, “adds Marco.


Although science fiction is part of Daulte’s language, the only extraterrestrial thing in this work is the own behavior of the protagonists that transform into ‘aliens’ when they feel free to express themselves and behave as they feel, Unfiltered. “Daulte is very demanding with the actors because he forces you to find the absolute truth and never separate yourself from your own emotions. Only then do you make the audience laugh at very tough situations,” says Navas.

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In addition to explore humiliation and the revenge ‘The irresponsible’ shows the crossroads where today’s women find themselves who have passed 40 and are approaching 50. “Now in addition to having to be good mothers, women and lovers, we also have to be feminists and be environmentalists. We are fed up! We want to be able to show our miseries,” exclaims Navas .

The work was created by Daulte to be released in Argentina but, because of the pandemic, everything changed. He wants to come to Barcelona to see it mounted, before presenting the version that he will direct in Buenos Aires.


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