Lena Dunham: enfermedades, boda y un regreso ‘supersize’

  • Apart from 12 years of the scene by a deadly chain of affections, the actor and actress took to Sundance on his challenging ‘Sharp Stick’

Irónica, mordaz y sin pelos en la lengua. Así is the guionista, director and actress estadounidense Lena Dunham, which acaba to present at the Festival of Sundance the movie ‘Sharp Stick’, his first film after producing his exitosa series ‘Girls’ y through a paron in the ‘showbusiness’ that ha ha increased during 12 years. A metrics that denounces a society in that it reigns the perfect woman, and also that it defines the corporeal singularity, from which it has converted into an abanderada.

In 2019, it diagnoses Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic disorder that provokes chronic pain.

Cansada de luchar contra su cuerpo para seguir los canons, hizo public apuesta por las curvas y su felicidad, that residency was carried out in an uncorrupted body: “It has never affected my ability to connect with the people & rdquor ;, I will ensure an interview in 2018. Lena also has her own collection of ‘supersize’ rope in collaboration with 11 Honoré, online shopping platform that amplifies existing traffic. An initiative in consonance with its defiant action precedes the life and the line of the ‘looks’ to which we have acostumbrados.

Polemic espot

Protestant Father and Jewish Mother – the painter Carrol Dunham and the photographer Laurie Simmons, accompanied by Tiffany’s proprietary family–, is licensed in creative writing in 2008 at Oberline College and in 2012 signed a $ 3.5 million contract with Random House for the publication of his first book, ‘Not that kind of girl’ (Not that chic type), his memoirs. I have this year protagonists a controversial Barack Obama election spot. “You first have to be with someone. Tiene que ser con un gran tipo & rdquor ;, rezaba el eslógan que intentaba incentar el Vote entre los jovens y que cosechó numerosas critique par quienes desaprobaban que lo comparara con perder la virginidad. Suicide occurs in the most marginalized sectors of a state-owned enterprise incapable of making self-criticism.

For those who respect the narrative plane, it is also disturbed by an essay that was published in ‘Vogue’ in 2018 about his hysterectomy. To Lena the uterus extirpates the uterus and the uterine cortex to palate the chronic dollar forces that the paddock has bound to a endometriosis. So close the gates to maternity, but since then it has been explained that adoption is taking place.

Chronic appearance and pain

It is not the only health problem that exists. It has been confirmed that supra is posttraumatic, consequence of obsessive-compulsive disorder that the stock of pequeña y, of these, has antidepressants for the onset. In 2019 he will diagnose the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic trastorn that provokes chronic pain in the articulations and that the veces the obligation to carry accompanied by a cane. Dispose of give visibility to a minority minority there is a referent for the people who also wear the pad, she wears the one who wears in the social speeches the photo in which the pillar on the calf of this guy, and with camisón and zapatillas. The car composition is not with her.

In 2020, we initiate a discreet idyll with the Peruvian musician Luis Felber (of the artistic number Attawalpa), with which it was secretly released in September 2021

Junto and Jenni Konner created Lenny Letter, a feminist web that has how objective to vote for young women and in that Jennifer Lawrence wrote her polemic article about the Hollywood paycheck. Vocational activist demonstrated his support for the Planned Parenthood association and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


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The love and music of Lena’s mano in the life of Lena. In 2012 he started a relationship with Jack Antonoff, musician and currently producer of Lana del Rey, which lasted for over five years. It is not uncommon for the company to announce a new one by 2020, when it initiates a discreet idyll with the exchange Peruvian music Luis Felber (artistic number Attawalpa), with the was secretly released in September 2021 at a ceremony in which Lena lució tres vestidos de su designor de cabecera: Christopher Kane.

Superstitious, she’s reluctant to wear the vest when she wears something bad and always wears it like an ankle that Brad Pitt wore. Among its costume eccentrics, owned by a Hollywood celebrity, it’s like babysitting or hanging out before going to bed with its dead relatives.


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