Assembling LEGO sets is one of those entertainments that have managed to create fans around the world. Not only do you have to be patient and crafty to create the spectacular constructions whose photos we see in their boxes, but you also have to dare to be creative and design your own worlds. Antenna 3 look for the Spanish who best handle the colorful and diverse pieces of this game in ‘LEGO masters’, contest presented by Roberto Leal which opens the chain this Wednesday, December 15 (10:45 p.m.).

Produced by Shine Iberia, an expert in ‘talent shows’ thanks to ‘Masterchef’, the program is endorsed by the success achieved in countries such as USA, Germany, Holland, France, Australia and the UK, and has authentic specialists among its eight pairs of contestants. “It is a very closed community, everyone knows each other,” says the producer. Macarena Rey, which emphasizes that they are people “with a very well structured head.”

Throughout a competition of five weeks, the participants will face two challenges per program. One will be a quick test to build, for example, a two-meter-long bridge or reproduce with the greatest possible detail retro objects, and another, more extensive and laborious, in which they will have to shape complex mechanisms. Thus, they will have 15 hours to create a section of an amusement park with a motorized creation and build an iconic Spanish monument on a small scale in 10 hours. There will be no elimination test, but the judges will use the two challenges to decide who has to leave that week.

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Two and a half million pieces

The jury in charge of evaluating their creations are the actress and presenter Eva hache and the LEGO engineer and designer Pablo González, who works at the company’s world headquarters in Billund (Denmark). And to develop them they will have nothing less than two and a half million pieces, divided into 2,000 buckets, and 7,000 minifiguritas, among which are the recreations of the contestants, Roberto Leal and the jury.

The program will take advantage of animation and techniques such as ‘stop motion’ to give life to the constructions of the participants, among which there are couples of friends, sentimental couples, brothers and a mother and a son. The most curious thing is that not everyone began to play with these pieces for fun: one uses them to keep their hands capable, because they suffer from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, and another started as part of the rehabilitation therapy for their fingers, after an operation on the arm.

The guests

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For Eva Hache, a great fan of LEGO, the Spanish version differs from those made in other countries because they have been “more demanding” with the contestants, whose level “is very high.” “They are not limited to following the instructions of each test, but there also has to be a story, creativity and humor behind it,” he says. Meanwhile, Leal has discovered thanks to the program how much this hobby relaxes him and has allowed him to experiment “with a different format than the ones he had done before”, more close to ‘reality’. “I had never seen myself in the position of having to ask the contestants what others had said … and I liked it,” he confesses.

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Each week the program will receive guests who will also demonstrate their passion for the game. Among them, Florentino Fernández, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Alberto Chicote (who has a plant in his house dedicated to LEGO), Jorge Lorenzo, Anabel Alonso, The Altar Boy, Maxi Iglesias, the children of ‘La voz kids’ and the little actresses Luna Fulgencio and Sirena Segura. The winners will pocket a prize of 50,000 euros and will be able to display their creations in the Lego Flagship Store, located in Barcelona.

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