Legislative in Russia: Google and Apple accused of pro-Kremlin “censorship”

An unprecedented online vote for the Russian president, isolated because of Covid-19 in his entourage. The outcome of the legislative elections in Russia, on the other hand, should not create any surprises. In the absence of real competition, the United Russia party of Vladimir Putin should win.

Removed from the ballot, the opposition also accuses Google and Apple of pro-Kremlin “censorship”. In question: their decision to remove an application of the movement of Alexeï Navalny which allowed voters to know who was the candidate best placed in his constituency to put in difficulty that of power.

The two tech giants were summoned to a Senate committee on Thursday. “Google and Apple have drawn the only valid conclusion. It is very simple: on the territory of the Russian Federation, everyone must respect the Russian Constitution and the laws of Russia.“, declared Andreï Klimov, senator and head of this commission charged with the protection of the sovereignty of the State.

On the first day of the poll, Friday, the president of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, also reported cyber attacks targeting the online voting platform. “50% of attacks come from the United States, 25% from Germany, 20% from South Korea and 5% from China “, she clarified.

Until Sunday, voters are called to renew the deputies of the Duma, the Russian lower house but also those of several regional parliaments.

Accusations of fraud are already being heard. These elections are being held while the popularity of the ruling party has never been so low, around 30% and the stake for the Kremlin is to retain its two-thirds majority in the Duma, with the end of the mandate in mind. of Vladimir Putin in 2024.


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