The Legault government wants to put an end to the phenomenon of fly-in fly-out, well known in the northern regions, and ensure to populate this part of Quebec located north of 49e parallel.

Passing through Chibougamau on Monday, the Prime Minister Francois Legault said he wanted to multiply the incentives aimed at convincing Quebecers to settle in Jamésie to live there full time, not just to work there while waiting for the next plane to bring them back to the more densely populated regions of southern Quebec.

Many northern workers actually live in other regions and commute every two weeks, favoring what is called the fly-in fly-out. “You don’t build a strong society with people coming in and going out all the time. I don’t like commuting, fly-in fly-out He said, without setting a specific objective to correct the situation, which is nothing new.

To counter this phenomenon and get people to truly settle in northern regions, the Prime Minister wants to increase the supply of housing and is considering offering tax incentives to businesses. Quebec announced Monday that it was ready to invest up to $ 100 million in the construction of more than 300 homes, the bulk of which (87 million) will be used to build single-family homes in the north of the province, including 40 modular homes in Chibougamau from fall 2022. Other homes will be built in Lebel-sur-Quévillon.

He insisted on saying that it was necessary to “occupy the territory” and that there were a number of well-paid jobs looking for takers, particularly in the mining sector, in this sparsely populated part of Quebec.

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” There are jobs paying $ 100,000 in northern Quebec, ”he said, recalling that the mining sector should experience a period of growth in the years to come.

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