Legault protects Minister Roberge because he’s a man, according to Marwah Rizqy

The fact of being a man rather than a woman would be the only plausible explanation to understand why the Prime Minister Francois Legault insists on keeping the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, in office, according to Liberal MP Marwah Rizqy.

If he had been born a woman, Mr. Roberge would have been crushed for a long time by the Prime Minister, having demonstrated for three years that he was not up to the situation, argued the spokesperson for the official opposition in education, in the press, Friday, before questioning the minister for two hours in the House on the hot issues of education.

In recent months, criticizing him from all sides, especially on tutoring, dropping out of school, rapid tests for COVID-19, the shortage of teachers and especially the air quality in schools and delays in install CO2 sensors, all the opposition parties have in turn asked for the head of Mr. Roberge, deemed unfit to perform his duties and meet the needs of the education network.

“Lost their job for much less”

“The truth is, if it had been a woman, Roberge would have been knocked out. If it was not Jean-François Roberge, but rather Marie-France Roberge, he would not have been able to occupy his functions “, commented Ms. Rizqy, adding that women ministers in the Legault cabinet had” lost their jobs for much less only that “.

Since the election of the Legault government, three women ministers have been demoted simple deputies: MarieChantal Chassé, Marie-Ève ​​Proulx and Sylvie D’Amours.

According to the Liberal member, in this case, the Prime Minister experienced a conflict of loyalty and he chose to protect his friend, Jean-François Roberge, against all logic, rather than protecting the education network.

Asked to react before entering the House, Minister Roberge refused to answer questions from journalists present. But after the exercise, he called the deputy’s exit a “useless, low personal attack.” Attacks on someone’s gender are not “something that raises the debate,” the minister noted in a brief press scrum.

A few weeks after the start of the school year, described as “chaotic”, MP Marwah Rizqy deemed it necessary to return to the charge, convinced that Mr. Roberge “is unable to fulfill his obligations as minister”.

“The carrots are cooked” for the minister, whose passage at the head of the Ministry of Education is a “failure”, according to the one who believes that she would need a full day to list “everything he failed in three years ”.

While affirming that she had affection for this “good guy”, “a good person”, the deputy said she wanted to bring Minister Roberge “to realize that he is not the man for the job” , that he is “completely overwhelmed” by events.

Asked by journalists whether he was still the man for the job at the helm of Education, Mr. Roberge said that his record at the head of the network was “very interesting”, although “imperfect”.

He believes he has made progress in tackling the labor shortage, ensuring academic success and improving governance.

“We are very proud of our newsletter,” concluded Minister Roberge, at the end of the inquiry.

“What are we proud of?” », Replied Ms. Rizqy.

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