The Prime Minister Francois Legault invites “Quebec nationalists” to “beware” of the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) and asks the conservative candidate, Erin O’Toole, to guarantee Quebecers the $ 6 billion of the child care agreement.

“I find it very disturbing to see three parties – the PLC, the NDP and the Green Party – not only who are not open to giving more autonomy to Quebec, but who want to centralize, to appropriate powers that are clearly of provincial jurisdiction, ”the Prime Minister declared at the entrance to his party’s caucus on Thursday morning.

While refusing to support the Bloc Quebecois and the Conservative Party, the Prime Minister argued that Mr. O’Toole’s “approach” was easier to reconcile with the priorities of Quebeckers. However, he called on the Conservative leader to “explain” his intention to abolish the $ 6 billion daycare agreement unveiled earlier in the campaign by the Liberals.

Further details will follow.

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