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Leave the night, the first film by Belgian-Québécoise Delphine Girard, presented at the Venice Film Festival in September and at Cinémania in November, finally reaches a wider audience next week. Interview with the director of this gripping film which addresses sexual violence and the system’s inability to respond to the needs of its victims.

When Aly (Selma Alaoui) finds herself stuck in a car with Dary (Guillaume Duhesme), a man who attacked her and whom she fears, she fakes a call to her sister in order to discreetly contact the emergency services. On the other end of the line, Anna (Veerle Baetens), the call center agent, listens attentively. The destinies of these characters will be forever linked by this trying night.

If this primer means anything to you, you may have seen A sisterwhich competed for the Oscar for best short film in 2020. While this first work focused strictly on Aly’s night of terror, Leave the night – of which the first 15 minutes are in fact those of the short film – also depicts its repercussions. At the heart of the story: the legal process that the survivor goes through not without pitfalls and the daily life of Dary, a firefighter who returns to his mother (moving Anne Dorval) while awaiting the trial. The Quebecois, although she plays a secondary role, is faithful to her dramatic instinct and delivers a nuanced performance.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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