Leaders face to face

Since the pandemic began, the Rome summit It is the first that has gathered face to face to the leaders of the 20 countries they have the most power on the planet. At G-20 Not all are rich economies, nor do they have the same power, some are global powers and others are regional, some were colonizers and others colonized, but these twenty countries add up to 60% of the world’s population, they control the 75% of the global economy and generate the 80% of the gases that warm the planet. It is logical to look at this group to see if we advance or stagnate in sterile battles over who will dominate the future, when they tell us that the collective fate is more than uncertain.

Nothing in the global agenda It may have more relevance than a sealed agreement between these 20 and, nevertheless, despite the fact that instead of vomiting affronts that travel through the networks they have finally been able to see their faces, we could agree that while the leaders announce the half-full bottle , the bulk of society does not even consider that the level reaches to see it half empty.

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They have validated the global tax for large companies, definitely necessary. But the bottle is empty when we look at the growing inequality in the world. As it is for two thirds of humanity where vaccines have barely arrived and the pandemic slows their development and also risks new variants of the virus, which again collapse the global economy.

Without an emergency operational plan, the announcement of reaching the middle of 2022 at 70% vaccination Around the world, it will be little more than a declaration of good intentions. The same as in the climate change, where the summit delivers the baton to the meeting of the COP26 that starts in Glasgow without having reached draft quotas to slow the rise in temperature to 1.5 °, for the abandonment of coal or resources to support less developed economies. They can’t do anything alone, that’s why it’s good that they finally met in person, although together we hoped they would show their face.


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