Leaders’ debate in English: the Legault government disappointed with the “lack of neutrality”

Within the government of François Legault, we say we are “disappointed” with the debate of federal leaders in English, which has given rise to a real trial of Quebec laws on secularism and the French language.

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“(It’s) extremely disappointing. I thought we had reached somewhere else in 2021-2022, so when I left this debate, honestly, I was really very disappointed. Disappointed to see that we were still there, in this kind of sentences, and the lack of neutrality, ”lamented Quebec Minister Ian Lafrenière on Friday.

From the very start of the debate Thursday evening, the host questioned the Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet about the Secularism Act and the French language bill, which she described as “discriminatory”.

Not discriminatory

The CAQ minister Eric Cairo deplores the turn that the exercise has taken. “If we talk about Law 21 and the future Law 96, there is nothing discriminatory or racist. These laws apply to everyone objectively, ”he reacted on Friday, on the sidelines of the presessional government caucus.

According to him, Quebec bashing must stop. “Those who indulge in that, it’s unpleasant and everyone agrees that it must stop, but it is the fact of a minority and not a generalized opinion”, insisted the Minister for Digital Transformation.

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