With between 5 and 6 million members, practitioners and not, France welcomes the first Muslim community in Europe and everything related to it is a matter of high sensitivity in the country, especially as a result of the islamist terrorist attacks has suffered in recent years. For this reason, the proposal of the far-right candidate, Marine LePenfrom prohibit the use of the Islamic headscarf and even fine women being worn in public spaces has set off all the alarms.

Several lawyers have already warned that such a ban, unprecedented in the world, vwould violate the Constitution and undermines the principles of secularism on which the French Republic is based, with a 1905 law that separates Church and state and guarantees freedom of worship. Macron, setting himself up as the defender of this freedom, has underlined that a constitutionally mandated veil ban it would also mean vetoing other religious symbols such as the Jewish yarmulke and the Christian cross.

The end of secularism

“This proposal isThe end of secularism in Francea & rdquor ;, emphasizes a young Hélène, who on Thursday attended a student demonstration in Paris to “block the way to the extreme right & rdquor ;. “The veil ban is not consistent with the idea I have of France as a country of freedom and equality. If women want to wear a veil, they have the right to do so,” says Ryan, a young man of Lebanese origin about to graduate in Law.

In a campaign in which Le Pen has tried to ignore the most controversial proposals on his program to focus on the economy and purchasing power, the primary concern of the French, the debate has heated up, especially in recent days. To the point that since Le Pen’s party, National Rally, (RN) They have had to qualify the proposal, affirming that the prohibition of the veil “is an objective & rdquor; but not a “priority”.

And some of the mayors of the party have warned of the difficulty of applying the measure. “I don’t think it’s possible & rdquor ;, said Robert Menard, first mayor of Béziers. Also Louis Aliotmayor of Perpinyà, and former partner of Le Pen, has stated that the ban should be “progressive & rdquor ;, starting with state places.

Macron’s law

Nadia is a young Muslim, French but the daughter of Moroccan immigrants, a practitioner and does not wear a veil. “It is my choice, the one that I freely decided, as other Muslims have decided to wear it & rdquor ;, affirms this student, who does strictly observe Ramadan. She has a very critical speech with Le Pen, of whom she says that she “feeds hatred against foreigners for electoral purposes & rdquor ;, but also with the president Emmanuel Macron, for the law that was approved on “religious separatism & rdquor; to curb Islamism and that authorizes the closure of mosques.

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“This is a law that is at the limit of the extreme right and that has been approved by someone who calls himself a centrist & rdquor ;, he says mockingly. “The state controls the imams, financing of mosques, yes, it’s normal, but… why always us? There are also synagogues that are financed by Israel & rdquor ;, he complains.

Nadia is part of the 69% of Muslims who, according to a study by the Ifop polling institute, voted for the leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first electoral round. The Great Mosque of Paris now asks them to listen to Macron in the face of “the malevolent forces that ask to ban Muslims & rdquor ;. This young lady will too. “If Le Pen wins there will be a civil war & rdquor ;, she whispers.

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