Laval Rocket | David Reinbacher’s mentor

Since David Reinbacher’s arrival in Laval, opinions have been unanimous: he has everything to succeed in the National Hockey League. While waiting for the prophecy to come true, the Montreal Canadiens’ most prominent hope pairs up with Tobie Paquette-Bisson. And that’s perhaps the best that could have happened to the young defender.

Reinbacher was among the first to jump on the ice at Place Bell on Friday morning, during the morning practice in preparation for the duel against the Belleville Senators in the evening.

He was accompanied by Logan Mailloux, another top prospect on the Habs blue line. The two right-handers seemed to get along like thieves. Reinbacher’s mood and enthusiasm seemed contagious, a few hours before his first match in front of Laval fans.

If the two first-round picks gave the impression of getting along like Jean-François Breau and Marie-Ève ​​Janvier, it was rather with another defender that Reinbacher managed to build a chemistry thanks to which he adequately got through his first four games on the road.

Paired with Paquette-Bisson since his arrival with the Rocket, the fifth pick of the last draft could not have come across a better accomplice, believes head coach Jean-François Houle: “Tobie is a calm guy, who has experience, who is able to help young people and who is a good leader. I’m sure it helped him,” he said at the end of training.

Bisson, 27, has been working his way through the American League for four seasons. In his third campaign with the Rocket, he is experiencing the best moments of his career. Obviously, the idea of ​​looking after one of the organization’s jewels represents an additional challenge. A challenge that could not be more pleasant. “I feel like the team is putting it back on me to keep him ready. But usually he knows what to do. He’s super serious, he takes good care of himself. I’m not stressed for him,” explained the Quebec defender.

From his point of view, his sidekick learns at lightning speed: “Sometimes he tells me: I make a pass and three seconds later he comes to hit me! But it’s like that. He just needs to get used to the game, but he really surprised me. He is super calm with the puck. Even if he makes a mistake, the next sequence he corrects himself. »

Reinbacher could hardly have asked for a better opening. In four games in the Rocket uniform, the Austrian collected a goal and an assist in addition to posting a positive differential of +2.

In his opinion, Paquette-Bisson is no stranger to his success, as it allows him to play with confidence. His teammate also serves as a role model on defense. “Playing solidly is the basis of everything,” Reinbacher said. When you are solid in the defensive zone, you have to get the puck out quickly. That’s what doing a good job is all about. I want to learn from him and do the little things right. »

Expected beginnings

The 19-year-old young man will experience his baptism of fire at Place Bell on Friday evening.

Expectations are enormous for the player who was still playing in Switzerland just a few weeks ago. On the one hand, because it was selected very quickly during the last auction. On the other hand, because during his selection, many fans were disappointed to see the Canadian choose another defender, given the exceptionally rich crop of attackers.

Reinbacher says he is more “feverish” than nervous. In fact, he has no expectations as to the reception he will receive. “I’m going to try to stay the same and prepare the same way. I will try to make them happy. The ball is in my court. »

Even if he will be playing a fifth match in eight days, a pace foreign to European customs, he swears not to be exhausted, because “the energy is in the mat. When you’re young, you want to play as much as possible. »

The captain of his former team in Kloten, Steve Kellenberger, will also be in attendance. It will be a very special evening for the one who is becoming more and more recognized in the streets of his new home. “I’m not used to it,” he blurted. I knew hockey here was crazy. »

Despite this sort of frenzy surrounding the arrival of Reinbacher, the Rocket will nevertheless have to be focused to maintain the pace and maintain the fifth and last place in its division giving access to the playoffs. The Senators are two points behind Laval, but Houle’s team has won seven of its last 10 games, while Belleville has lost its last three duels at home.


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