Laura Borràs, as indisputable as it is discussed in Junts

  • The party assumes that, today, the president of the Parliament is its only electoral poster despite the internal frontal rejection against her

What some leaders of her own party think about her cannot be reproduced verbatim. What her most faithful followers think is close to devotion, to hooliganism. where is it really Laura Borras And where will it be in the coming months? The answer is a paradox: she would undoubtedly be the candidate if elections were called tomorrow. And she is, without a doubt, the one that generates the most misgivings also among those who assume that, today, she is the only possible candidate, waiting for what the justice decides about her management in the Institution of Catalan Letters.

In a very few years, Borràs has gone from that Institution to the ‘ministry’ of Culture, the party’s spokesperson in Congress, the candidacy for the presidency of the Generalitat and the presidency of Parliament. Those who know her best maintain that in none of these steps has she been the one who has taken the initiative. It seemed, in the eyes of some, that assuming the presidency of the Catalan Chamber was a consolation prize, a step to the side. But, despite the turmoil of her highly controversial and personalistic management, her faithful proclaim: “Regardless of who weighs him, there is no alternative, he has the militancy aligned, wherever he goes“. And they add, defiantly: “It has shown that when you have to go, you go”. Of course, they warn: there must be a clear project. That, in the mouth of these leaders, is equivalent to doing the opposite of ERC and taking all the decisions that “distance us from Spain”.

Borràs’s entourage warns: “Regardless of who weighs him, there is no alternative, he has the militancy aligned”

the b-side

Faced with this avalanche are those in the party who consider Borràs the champion of a populist, thoughtless and inconsistent style. They despise his rhetorical proclamations and believe that all this leads Junts to a marginal space and away from the central positions. They make him ugly that he joins the cut of the Meridiana de Barcelona when Interior had already disavowed him; let him proclaim the inviolability of Parliament and then assume reality but blaming the officials; to worry, first and foremost, about his own image; that lacks ideological depth and seeks easy applause from the bases. All that said, they assume that right now she is the only possible candidate in the party. He swept in front of Damia Calvet –the ‘ex-conseller’ who claimed the convergent spirit– and his followers warn: she could be president or general secretary. She always based on a political paper that clearly champions the confrontation with Spain.

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The keys to the future of Borràs are two: one, the judicial tour that he has the management that he did in the Institution at the hack contracts; and two, the pact between families that is reached, or not, in the congress that Junts have pending. The current Secretary General, jordi sanchez, you have in your hand what card to play. The one to face her is unfeasible, as they assume in the environment of the current number two. The one to agree with her will also depend on the weight claimed by other actors, starting with the ‘exconseller’ Jordi Turull.

Meanwhile, Borràs maintains the challenge and does not miss a single public act, not a single media moment to prove it.

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