Laura Borràs and Jordi Turull negotiate in extremis to avoid the fracture in Junts

Negotiations until the last moment with good prospects. This is the internal situation togetheraccording to management sources, at the gates of the congress that must replace the current leadership and make way for a new president and general secretary after the step back from Carles Puigdemont Y jordi sanchez.

The negotiations are against the clock because this Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. The deadline for submitting applications expires. In contention, the ‘exconseller’ Jordi Turullwho has the support of the vast majority of party officials to be general secretary, and Laura Borras, president of the Parlament, who threatens to present herself to lead the formation and submit her option to Turull’s to a vote of the bases. The Solomonic solution would go through a single list in which Borràs does not feel relegated in the internal balance of power.

The ‘exconseller’ has maintained discretion for months while waiting for majority support. He has always been available to the party. And after his release from prison with the government pardon, traveled hundreds of kilometers in a march on foot with which he garnered numerous supports. Borràs, for his part, does not accept being relegated. She claims her position as president of the Parliament and candidate to demand a internal party power in consonance. He has not ruled out a battle even though he maintains that north of him is the political project, and not internal power. In case of no agreement, Borràs would have to face Turull with a list of charges of his own direction.

Two not so different conceptions

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At stake, the struggle for power between two conceptions not antagonistic, but in many aspects very similar in terms of political projection, but with different pasts. Turull is the one chosen by cadres, ‘counselors’, regional leaders and mayors to put order in a formation with certain upheavals and lack of internal cohesion. They consider that his figure embodies the combination between a government partywith aspiration to be majority, and the independence activism ready to re-proclaim independence after another clash with the state.

Borràs claims, above all, this second aspect, although he does not formally deny the presence of Junts in the Govern with ERC -yes the pact with the PSC in the Barcelona Provincial Council-. The president of the Parliament emphasizes the need not to give in to the autonomous management and re-pose a pulse. Something in which Turull’s speeches also defend.

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