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A new drone is becoming the most sought after gagdet of 2022. This military grade drone was previoiusly sold for $1000s. Now it’s cheap enough for almost anyone to buy.

This powerful $99 drone is now available in the US. This is an extremely high tech drone. It was developed so the Navy Seals could do stealth missions, detect enemy positions and gather footage from up to 2 miles away
without ever
being seen by the enemy.

It uses some of the most advanced military technology in the world. This technology allows you to take spectacular photos and videos. Crystal clear and steadier than ever.

What’s interesting about this drone is that until a few weeks ago it was unavailable to the public because only one company owned the patent for the technology. They were only selling it to the military who could afford their expensive
price of $1000s of dollars per drone.

But on December 15th 2021 the patent expired, allowing new companies to enter the marketplace and start selling these super powerful drones to the public.

Most companies are still charging $1000s for these high-tech drones because they know they can get away with it. But a drone company founded by two former Navy Seals gained access to this patent and are producing them at a
that’s actually affortable for everyday Americans.

They called it the QuadAir.

Watch the video to see the QuadAir Drone in action. You can grab one for $99 while they last.

Because it was built by former Navy Seals it’s packed with cutting-edge technology like the “follow me” feature that lets you take amazing videos of yourself without using the controller.

The QuadAir’s advanced GPS functionality means it can track your location within three thousand feet and return to you quickly when experiencing a weak signal or when the battery is low.

The collision detection function prevents any accidental damage or crashes, making this drone the toughest quad-copter ever produced.

It’s been really popular with the hiking and outdoor adventure crowd. That makes sense because this kind of device is perfect for taking on a hike up in the mountains. Thanks to the gimbal stabilizer the camera can tilt in any direction
to get the perfect shot.

We’ve gotten tons of messages from people who like to use it to take beautiful pictures and videos on weekend trips and others who just love to fly it in their backyard.

The QuadAir is also perfect for your next vacation to capture stunning landscapes, explore the area and immerse yourself in nature in the most unique way.

John from Michigan went on a hiking trip with his girlfriend and they had an epic trip. The best part about the whole trip was that he could capture Precious Moments with his new QuadAir drone. What’s really cool about these QuadAir
drones is they have built-in altitude sensors which allows you to remain stable while you hover to shoot extremely smooth footage.

QuadAir Drone has a lot of cool features such as auto-pilot and 360 degree loops to make your video stand out. This drone is so sturdy you can even take it for a flight when there’s level 6 wind outside. It’s pretty crazy when you
about it.

So anyway – let’s talk about the price. These drones literally used to be sold for $1000s of dollars for just a single drone. But thanks to this new American company the price of this drone is only $198.00 and if you click the link below
now QuadAir is offering a one time only 50% discount
for first-time buyers.

So you can get one of these military-grade drones for the super low price of $99.

The QuadAir Drone comes with a 100% money back guarantee. So if you weren’t satisfied for any reason at all you get a full refund no questions asked.

If you want to get this foldable drone worth $1000s for a tiny fraction of the real price, click the link below right now and get your own QuadAir Drone for 50% off.


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