November faces its last week pending the demands imposed by the European calendar. The reform of pensions, that of working market and that of the regional financing they have important appointments in the next few days. Also, the State Budget project, which will be submitted to its crucial vote in the Congress in the plenary session that ends on Thursday.

To begin with, this Monday the pension reform is submitted to a decisive vote in the Congress of Deputies. It depends on its approval whether the bill is overthrown or that it can be processed in the Senate in time for the Government to fulfill its commitment to the European Commission that the pension reform comes into effect on January 1. And on the fulfillment of this commitment depends, in turn, the receipt of 12,000 million European funds.

In these last days of November, the negotiation with the social agents for an agreed reform of the labor market should also conclude. Social dialogue on this matter should not be delayed much longer since time must be given to translate the agreement into a decree law that, again, may enter into force on January 1, according to the commitment for the receipt of that tranche of 12,000 million of European funds.

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In the remainder of the month, in addition, the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus MonteroIt should also fulfill its commitment to present to the regional governments its proposal for the reform of the financing system. In particular, Minister Montero has committed to present in November a proposal for the definition of ‘adjusted population’, which is the criterion that determines the distribution of 70% of the funds of the autonomous financing system and the breakwater where the differences between some communities and others collide.

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In the block of autonomous financing, the deadlines of Europe and European funds are not yet tightening. In the others, yes. They are, in any case, four appointments of high political voltage, of great economic repercussion, with a lot of money and a future at stake. For the reform of pensions and budgets, the Government still has to bind, with concessions, the necessary votes of ERC. For the labor reform, the challenge now is to attract employers to the pact; in December the battle of Congress will arrive.

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