LaSalle police warn companies of suspects with counterfeit US money.

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Reports of a man with a handful of American counterfeit money who recently attempted to buy takeout with a counterfeit bill have prompted a warning from LaSalle police.

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The police service said Friday that a suspect gave a local restaurant employee an odd-looking $ 10 bill to pay for an order. When the clerk noticed that the bill looked strange and told the man that they would have to examine it more closely to determine its authenticity, the man immediately left without his order, the $ 10 bill, or any change.

The man reportedly had a large pile of other US currency on hand.

A LaSalle police officer attended the restaurant and confirmed that the bill was a poor quality forgery using the wrong type of paper. It was also missing several standard security features, including color-changing ink, watermarks, freedom symbols, microprinting, and proper coloration.

The bill itself was not cropped cleanly and the image on the back was oriented the other way, police said.

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