Las vias de la 4T

Sleeping for three decades, the national railway sector is returning. The high speed train service is in full swing, but the Transformation Railway will regenerate passenger transport and revolutionize cargo transport.

The connection to the International Airport Felipe Ángeles and the Train Maya are the emblematic works of the new railway and multimodal development in Mexico, which multiply its gaps with the route of the Intercessional Corridor, which connects to the Gulf of Mexico train with Ist loading.

The suburb of Suburbano in Santa Lucia, however, on the new route to the train tracks part of the plan of the Republic of the Republic to reactivate the railway system in Mexico.

And if it is not for freight or for tourism or for the massive transport of passengers, the railcar is a viable option. This federal government and the former — even though we have reactivated the red railroad, but decided, through the cancellation of the Mexico-Queretaro train project — he wanted to sort out legal obstacles and distinctive boycotts.

For the AIFA, the Secretariat for Communications and Transportation resolves a dilemma this year: truncated links or food suppliers. A mega project of these dimensions will be used by BRT, Suburbano Train and new motorways to meet the needs of passengers, employees, service providers, airline trips and military personnel.

In the previous sex, the dependence was placed on the cargo of Gerardo Ruiz.

Canceled by the NAIM, in the first trajectories of the AICM contemplates a railway connection to Santa Lucia, through the social conflict — affecting violations and living aliens in the Cuchilla del Tesoro — hicieron inviable this option.

The solution was changed to the title of the concession train of the Suburban Buenavista-Cuautitlán train – and that Fonadin has 48% of the shares – to open a new Lechería-AIFA ramp. The advance of the plant, a mixed inversion of 25,000 million pesos, has been observed through gas lines, fiber optic cables, electric power lines, sanitary water lines and sanitary drainage, as well as built-in violet plants. de via federal.

The state authorities and the Governor of the Republic have agreed to negotiate with dozens of Mexican municipal media vehicles to supplement the AIFA construction program, which will also complement the Mexican Valley Airport system, will be a detonator of the urban development the region.

And there is a cumulative industry dedicated to the length of the road, for now there will be a new patio of maneuvers and 28 kilometers of double wind. These jobs will require 64,000 meters of main roads, 3,500 meters of existing paths and 6,300 meters of secondary roads.

The work of the railroad is mainly under the federal law and the acquisition of the land for the maneuvering path, the modal transfer centers and the level crossings.

SCIT has promised that the new Buenavista-Santa Lucía del Suburbano ram will enter into operation within 15 months. For further information on this listing please contact the Toluca-Valle de Mexico Interurbano, including the CETRAM in Observatory.

And the modernization of STC Metro? The pandemic and the incident on the Dorada Line drastically change the plan of the government of the governing body of the CDMX, Claudia Sheinbaum to increase the service of the main means of transport in the megalopolis, after a few decades of services without cuts, but with interventions saturations.

The limited effort during the final phase affected the Metro finances, according to the CDMX Congress approved in 2019 a budget of 38,000 million for the acquisition of a lot of 30 new trains and the maintenance of a lot of 10 Existing trains, in addition to the rehabilitation of visas and electrical and electronic systems.

Secondary effects

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