Las tetas en Benidorm: del Destape a Rigoberta Bandini, por Juan Soto Ivars

Nunca quise ser el rico del cementerio. Moriré is happy and enveloped in a great mystery. I have a coronation that never knows where to go, but I have to congratulate him & mldr; El Benidorm Song Festival was the most difficult to extend in 1982, when Fernando Esteso if you have sex with ‘Soy un vividor’ y Fernando Ubiergo won with ‘Yo pienso en ti’. Ubiergo does not agree with his mother and his tampon song, but this term ends with huella y step into the story with its lost theme. I’ve been dating while on Youtube as someone who has a Gregorian song. Ensalza valores que hoy stán de capa caída, cuando no mal vistos, pero yo no sé por qué, pero sé bien que the testimony of a cripple in the time of Destape results in me being sympathetic and offensive. It’s like fossils in the natural history museum.

Hoy se mira con muy malos ojos y se oye con muy malas orejas ese typo de messaje, ya la música presente se le exige un nivel de political compromise which appears to guarantee that it will be delivered prematurely. The ligation can be a product that, like the wine, gana corpse with the passage of time or the pierde todo golpe. Revisar the lists of The 40 Principals 30 years ago he began to murmur between the tumultuous soldiers. It’s a mystery that bottles are well preserved when the bark and cabbages are converted into pestilent vinegar. In those who compete in that Benidorm of 82 había messages tan ligeros that in all cases they have carried the wind. I do not compromise, I do not know, I do not import. And there is no reason why Spain should be politically more restricted than it is now, to the contrary: we have the arrangement of the first socialist governing body of the Civil War, acababa to produce the goal of the Tejero State and ETA ametrallaba golf goal and diestro.

Without embargo, the only culture is empezando to politicize. A lado quedaba la alocada movida madrileña that Víctor Lenore has retreated with such an aunt as a depoliticized movement, and on the other hand the first interventions of Pilar Miró and company in the subsidies for the cinema. Esteso, Pajares ozores conartían many years ago they felt that the entry of the subsidies pretended to change the ecosystem of the Spanish cinema to promote a compromised and rhythmic pace, in Europe, demasiado different than that the Spanish would be. The time gives a little reason, with the blankets graduated between bosoms and pretensions. Sin embargo, advancing los ochenta ir al cine a divertirse se empezó a ver mal, los Goya empezaron to premiere solo dramas and the ‘españolada’ wall in the tablecloths and corrioi refugiarse in the television series.

Here are the television series showing the dens and pretensions and halls of cinema that the alfombran of keyboards of the truck of Santiago Segura: nunca se sabe. Of any form, de these are the exhibits of Destape llegamos a la teta liberadas de Rigoberta Bandini. It’s a circle that is moving in Benidorm, many, many more have come later: we are in another country, there is another public and the music, definitely, is another way. It is interesting to compare what happens in the functions of the same theater, but also to compare the contingents of the new festival of Benidorm and see what has won the public and what has won the industry.

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Rigoberta Bandini was the favorite, for that matter. A jubilee medical friend made me write a petition that sends the SMS at the moment opportunity to vote for her, and the obedience even if not connected at home. Luego estaban las Tanxugueiras, tribal gallegas that le gustan mucho to Yolanda Díaz, and for the last time a descendant destined to be crowned with the victory, entrusted with the industry: a Cuban very guapa, cut in the ballets and musicals, with a number of perfumes: Chanel.

He was following everything with the engine of a dead body because, according to Esteso, he the transcendence is not in Eurovision. Bandini ha ganado aunque pierda, Tanxugueiras han sorprendido y la pobre Chanel will be able to beat the cover in an amassed festival and without a hitch. What song will be here for 40 years is a mystery that only some will reveal.

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