Las brujas y el capitalismo, by Jenn Díaz

Silvia Federici defiende que la caza de brujas fue una herramienta of precapitalism for the creation of the new individual: the individual who is now, evolving and adapting to the new demands of the market, whose aunts and uncles are for all parties. The case of brujas opens a rendezvous in the communities: tu vecino, which has now formed part of a chain defined for the well commonnow is susceptible to convert to your own. Ante is this new individualism, in which the red is desirous and empyza lo hoy en día podríamos llamar competency, la mujer —hasta entonces parte fundamental de la comunidad y de esta red compartida— queda recluida dentro del hogar. There is no way to go, there is a model that the first company: sumisas, obedientes, asexuadas y resignadas. The bruises that persist, persecute and torture are the definitive opinion: if you do not agree with them, be a good woman. A woman as is debited.

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This woman as a debtor, accompanied by the new individual — lack of confidence, competing with his wife, able to do anything to agree with the law of the most powerful — is the ideal scenario for that the productive system, by all means, triune. The jokes of entourage, which were condoned by a crime high in the middle and handed down in each case to pursue the dissent, are very high. The bridges of intonation — popular women in their communities, women who disobey the established order, women who do not conform and who therefore do not adapt to the new model — are malfolladas de hoy. The hysterics. The feminists. The brewery charges from sail XXI were adapted to the entourage, but it was not apparent. Gritarnos brujas —sabiendo como sabemos el origen del que fue un feminicidio orquestado— no ha hecho otra cosa que legitimize a discourse which we have the women called, who are the most guapas. Y, if you do not want to call, tend to assume the consequences. The actual pie has another form given by nazcas, but it does not appear to have disappeared. What we have changed is ours, the heresies of the bruises, the witches, the healers. We are organized.

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