Lambán suspends his citation with Aragonese and the Olympic candidacy this year

  • The President of Aragon calls the meeting of the “important differences” on the Games of 2030

  • The Government lamented the decision because of its “very important issues” agenda, in addition to the Olympic

Do not have a reunion between Pere Aragonès and Javier Lambán. The President of Aragon communicates these jewels by the late Generalitat that he found that he had to hold the fires in Balaguer in order to have, among other things, the Olympic Games of 2030 not to hold on to the “important differences” “between jobs.

The President of Aragon considers that “it is better to place” the meeting “on no dar ningún paso atrás in a project that benefits all the territory of the Pyrenees “.

The Government intends to carry out its own candidacy for the Olympic Games of 2030, as it will enter into discussions of any type of cohesion, in order to open the “technical collaboration” with Aragon. The General Discussion of Aragon (DGA) for its part, the signal is the indications of the Olympic Committee of Spain (COE) and the Government. For that matter with impacence the way in which iban treats Aragonese and Lambán, and if I open a single truck and the conjunction will take place in the year 2030. Well, at the moment these fires are not having a reunion.

The Generalitat has accepted with “asombro” the decision of Lambán, although he thinks so much with the technical works as with the preparation of the careful consultation. In each case, the Catalan party puts the emphasis on the meeting on the sidelines of the candidacy. “It deals with the first meeting between the presidents with themes such as the monthly services, the next generation funds, industrial themes and the agri-food sector, as well as the Winter Olympics Games”, said the government.

Mediation is about closing down details between governing parties, assumptions and modes in which to advance, above all, in the Olympic conflict. The first hour of the mañana, Lambán prepare with tactile the blanket with his Catalan homologue abstaining from emitting “any type of juice” that enters the reunion. Many known contacts were made between the respective teams, at the moment the Catalan part has transmitted the message that Aragones is translating in person to Lambán series the same that he had spoken before in Parliament and, earlier, by the ‘council’ of President Laura Vilagrà, when the Aragonese part had annulled the citation. Es decir, la candidatura es y será catalana.

Internal pressure in Lambán

Distinguished parties the habían pedido al jefe del Ejecutivo aragonés estos días que fuese “contundente”, sobre todo el Popular Party, who solicited to be associated with the ‘president’ “with the same vehemence” what do you do in social networks. “My position on defending Aragon’s interests is not admitting any lessons learned, and much less from this party (PP),” the Lebanese Jew replied.

“Voy a Catalunya reunites an institutional relationship that has been interrupted for six years, so that it is not good. social “, said Lambán this week, who has a pending conversation with Alejandro Blanco, president of the COE.

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“I am aware that Alejandro Blanco, having already been in Zaragoza, visited Catalan political leaders. I would like to talk to him in order to make the meeting more fruitful in this concrete aspect,” he explained to the president, who thought. president ‘catalán the position of Aragon “of alineamiento con el COE, que lidera la candidatura “y que ha dicho “con claridad” cómo tiene que producirse la andadura de esa candidatura.

Fuentes del Govern explains that the meeting of Vilagrà con Blanco, “circumscribed to the technical ambition”, was very positive. As such, Vilagrà insists on the idea that Catalonia should not consider ‘sovereignty’ in its candidacy. Like much, “technical” collaboration.

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