LaLiga responds to Real Madrid, Barça and Athletic: “They challenge something from which they will benefit”

LaLiga has responded to the challenge to the employer’s agreement with CVC by the Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic Club de Bilbao in a harsh statement against these three clubs. They wield their surprise by this decision since “they still do not know the end”, in addition to that “they will not be affected economically.” Javier Tebas defends that these entities will only “benefit from the growth that it is going to have in the coming years.”

The employer explains that it will defend “the interest of the majority of clubs”, that is, the fact that the other 39 that make up LaLiga are in favor of this agreement. Now, these three entities have taken legal action against this outrage that national football is suffering at the expense of the businesses that Javier Tebas intends to manage together with the CVC company through an agreement that even goes against the Royal Decree-Law 5/2015.

Tebas remains firm and calm against this issue, since it assures that “Real Madrid has already sued us several times saying that we violated RD 5/2015 and they have always lost”. LaLiga, in its statement, has been very critical against the merengue entity, so has the president of LaLiga in his account Twitter: “Deep down they want weak clubs for their various goals.” The war is evident.


LaLiga, in response to what was commented this afternoon through the official statement from FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Athletic Club on the agreement signed between LaLiga and CVC, responds:

1. How surprising that they challenge something that they still do not know the end of and more when it was already made clear that these three clubs (FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Athletic Club) would not be affected economically, only benefited from the growth that LaLiga is going to have for years to come.

2. That LaLiga has the support of the operation of the 39 clubs except the three mentioned, and we will continue working together with CVC for something that we understand is good for LaLiga and also for the clubs.

3. The three clubs challenge something that does not affect them directly, on the contrary, these clubs will benefit from the growth of LaLiga as a competition, making it clear that what they do not want is the expansion and growth of the rest of the clubs.
In addition, as has been explained on several occasions from LaLiga, clarify that the agreement between LaLiga and CVC is a strategic association, it is not a financial operation as these clubs express in their statement.

4. In recent years, Real Madrid have had more than twenty judicial decisions rejected related to LaLiga projects, agreements and acts derived from the application of Royal Decree-Law 5/2015 and the audiovisual marketing process, the current one being situation one more example of his attitude in recent years contrary to the common interests of the rest of the LaLiga clubs and the development of the competition.
At this point, clarify that LaLiga respects the rights of the clubs to take the legal actions they consider, but as always, LaLiga defends the interest of the majority of clubs, in this case the agreement of 39 of the 42 clubs.

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