LaLiga consolidates in the Mexican market by doubling its value

Even without Lionel Messi Among its ranks, Spanish soccer continues to be a solid attraction in Mexico. This was demonstrated when the agreement to renew the broadcasting rights of LaLiga on Mexico, which has reached an unprecedented period and income.

After several days in which the process of requesting offers from television stations was opened, LaLiga confirmed that the broadcasts of their matches in Mexico will continue down the chain Sky. The new period will begin in the 2023-24 campaign and will span eight seasons, that is, until 2030-31.

This is an unprecedented contract extension, since the previous firms in Mexico had consisted of three or a maximum of four years. What’s more, LaLiga He promised to show at least one game on open television every weekend. Although Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi They are no longer part of the product, there are Mexican players that captivate interest such as Andrew Saved, Diego Lainez (both in the Betis), Hector Herrera (Atlético de Madrid), Nestor Araujo (Celta Vigo) and Jose Juan Macías (Getafe).

In economic matters there is also a record figure, because although the total agreement exceeds 500 million euros, the most relevant data is that, for the first time, the value of the rights per season amounted to 60 million, since previously they were 30 .

In that context, LaLiga It is the product that produces the highest income from transmissions in the region of Mexico and Central America, since the 30 million euros that were received per year only equaled the figure generated by the Champions League. For its part, Premier League (United Kingdom) moves around 19.1 million per season and still below is the A league (Italy) and the Bundesliga (Germany).

Mexico and Central America represent a potential market of more than 150 million viewers and the consecration of this agreement for the next eight years is considered by LaLiga as the first big step after having included Mexico at Joint Venture North América in June, a strategic project to promote the brand in the upper cone of the continent that began three years ago with USA and Canada.

Also this summer, as part of the Joint Venture actions, LaLiga consolidated the sale of its transmissions in USA and Canada for 1,200 million euros from 2021 to 2029, with an average of 145 million per season. In addition to the new agreement with Mexico, there are almost 200 million per football year in income for LaLiga, which has repeatedly emphasized North America as a “strategic zone” within its global market, and Mexico in particular, for sharing language, culture and history with Spain.

The National Commission of Markets and Competition of Spain (CNMC) had suggested to LaLiga finalize a five-year renewal in Mexico and Central AmericaHowever, they bet on a longer period to guarantee economic stability. In addition, according to sources close to the negotiation, it was the same television station (Sky) who requested that the renewal be for eight seasons and not for the three or four that were normally signed.

The first strategic participation of LaLiga in Mexico it was the sending of a specific delegate to analyze the market in 2017, followed by the establishment of its first offices in 2018. Already in 2021 the country joined the Joint Venture together with the United States and Canada. The interest is supported by the figures that the Spanish tournament itself shared with El Economista: a 24% increase in Mexican viewers in 2020 compared to the previous two years.

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