Lack of inventory pulls 13.5% annual sale of new cars

The lack of inventory in the dealerships dropped 13.5% year-on-year to 82,829 units in the commercialization of light vehicles last November, with numbers that placed the automotive industry at levels not seen in 11 years.

The volume of commercialization registered is the worst for a month of November since 2010, when 75,582 vehicles were billed.

Guillermo Rosales, president of the Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors (AMDA) explained that, with these figures, the light vehicle market in November was slightly below the adjusted expectation of the dealers, which stood at 83,556 units. “With 82,829 units sold, a percentage difference of minus 0.87% was observed with respect to the estimated data.”

The main car producer in Mexico, General Motors stopped marketing 46% compared to what was reported last year, going from a sale of 14,115 vehicles to 7,651 units, derived from the lack of chips to manufacture in the North American region; It is even the company that has had the greatest damage so far this year.

“The result for the month of November still reflects the deterioration of the market, marking the fifth negative rate so far in 2021 and the third consecutive decrease after the previous six months of continuous progress,” commented the president of AMDA.

According to the (AMDA), the performance of November against the immediately previous month highlights an increase in the new units sold, of 6,189 units, that is, an advance of 8.1% with respect to the data of October 2021, a result that was seen influenced by Good End 2021, despite the lower level of promotions launched by the industry.

Even with the monthly advance registered in November, the annual decline has generated a contraction in the advance in accumulated figures and the market continues below the sales levels of 2019 by 22.8% in annual comparison, still facing an important gap for its recovery .

The main limiting factor in the month continued to be the lack of inventory; A high level is also observed in the price indices, both the general (at 7.05%) and for vehicles (at 8.64%) in an annual comparison to the first fortnight of November.

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