Lack of chips affects delivery times in Nuevo León’s ICT industry

Monterrey, NL. Although the Information Technology and Communications industry of Nuevo León has suffered a little less than the automotive sector due to the lack of semiconductors, however, it has had an impact in terms of delivery times, which have gone from 4 and 6 weeks to 15 weeks.

The lack of chips “has definitely affected. these products that are required for the development of IT projects ”, commented Alfredo Sastré, president of the Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies of Nuevo León (Csoftmty).

He added that it is not clear when the shortage will be resolved, while the industry is cautious and tries to anticipate and consider these delivery times, the cloud has also taken on greater relevance since it replaces some processes, but does not solve everything.

“The cloud has come to solve a part of this delay, the other thing that has helped us is the outsourced service, managed services, a third party that solves the need, instead of buying infrastructure”, highlighted Alfredo Sastré.


A survey carried out by the consultancy Select, indicates that the percentage of ICT companies that indicated that they had a high impact on their businesses due to the Covid-19 pandemic was 30% last October, while in February only 12% did.

However, the majority of mentions about the effects of the pandemic pointed to shortages and 64% longer delivery times, in the month of October, and to a lesser extent they indicated the increase in prices and the delay or cancellation of projects.

On the other hand, Select considered that during 2020 the industry had a growth of 2%, compared to 2019 and for this year it forecasts an increase of 6.0% in its sales.

Everything indicates that the sector resumed its growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), in the second quarter of 2021, with 3.2%, according to the consultancy.

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