Labor reform ‘but not too much’

We said it months ago: the labour reform (Once the semantic controversy of “repeal, update, modernization … had been partially overcome, she was going to be one of the biggest Chinese in the shoe of the Government coalition of the PSOE and United we can. As we have seen in recent weeks, it is not the only one. And more that will emerge as electoral periods approach.

The stumbling block of temporality it is likely to be exceeded. That is a claim from Brussels, which concerns both the Government, the unions and the employers. In addition to the limitation depending on the size of the company, instead of a general cap as had been initially proposed, the creation of a contract with a maximum of three months is a nod to the CEOE from Antonio Garamendi.

For the reform to be ‘salable’ they must participate unions and employers. And that will mean lowering postulates on the one hand; and increase them, on the other hand, in order to reach agreements. It would not be strange that the reform, finally, go in more than one package, with tripartite agreements for certain matters and bipartite ones in others.

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In any case, it is like squaring the circle. To the CCOO leaders, Unai Sordo; and from UGT, Josep Maria AlvarezIt may seem a timid reform to them and to the employers, excessive. Virtue is in the middle. And that is the challenge of the Government which, in turn, has two souls: that of the First Vice President and Minister of Economy, Nadia Calvin; and that of the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz.

And in the background, the disbursement of funds ‘Next Generation’, something of which everyone is aware. Maybe that’s why no one has slammed the door and follows the social dialogue in this area, unlike what happened with the pensions or the minimum salary. The safest thing is that sanity prevails (it is better for us) and that the definitive score of this musical work bears a stamp of moderation (The verb repeal has been banished from the discourse), which allows everyone to sell the product to their audience. And let it be a labor reform ‘ma non tropo’. Or translated: labor reform, but without going overboard

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