Labor proposes raising the minimum wage from 965 to 996 euros

  • Employers and unions will evaluate the Government’s proposal and on Wednesday the parties meet again to close the rise

The Ministry of Labor has proposed raising the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI) of the current 965 to 996 euros gross per month (in 14 payments). 31 euros increase for this 2022, according to CCOO and UGT sources. This is how the team from the ministry led by Yolanda Diaz employers and unions at the meeting they held this Monday. Now the social agents will have to study the proposal in their respective governing bodies and on Wednesday of this week the parties will meet again to finalize the definitive increase data. Almost two million workers currently receive the SMI in Spain, almost 10% of the working population.

“They know the expert report well, we are going to manage in that scenario,” was the answer given a week ago by the Minister of Labor to the question of how much the minimum wage would rise this year in Spain. Said report marks a path of progressive increases for 2023 and, so that the next increase remains in the lane marked by that of the previous year -which was 15 euros-, it should leave the SMI at that figure of 996 euros. Which would imply an increase of 3.2%.

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Díaz is thus located with this figure close to the union demands, which require reaching an SMI of 1,000 euros, practically what he has put on the Labor table. But, in turn and symbolically, it does not reach 1,000 euros, as the employer asks. “I would like to have a salary of 1,000 euros. […] Hopefully we will be able to find meeting points”, declared the second vice-president in the press conference after the appointment with the social agents.

One of the tricks in the negotiation -which will be short and, according to Díaz, will not last until Wednesday- is when the new SMI will come into effect. “It will be retroactive,” said the vice president, without clarifying since when. If from January 1 or from February 1.

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