El Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos de Finanzas (IMEF) contribute to the analysis and launch of proposals for a better social and inclusive policy of the various economic and financial agents; this is my premise, the Technical Committee of the Human Capital analysis and proposal Labor Equity Strategies which contributes to objective goal; sin duda, la labor poverty is one of the most important assignments for the company in its context, where in addition to having a social mortgage, insulting situations arise.

Labor poverty is a situation in which the nuisance that engages workers of a familiar family is not sufficient to feed all its members. Increases in labor force pueden log alimentarse a partir de ingresos no laborales como remesas, transfers or access to social programs. In Mexico, conforms to the dates of the National Commission for the Evaluation of the Policy of Social Development (Coneval) in the third quarter of 2021, 40.7% of the population will be living in labor (more than 52 million people). This date is a tragedy and we will reflect that, in no case does a worker who works in the formal market want to be poor.

Insecurity, corruption and the inherent disenfranchisement of those most likely socio-economic problems of mayor pregnant that enfrenta Mexico. The last few decades he has shown with clarity that, without his policies, he is destined to become an agrarian, making our country an invincible place. The inequality of origin is a complex theme, of multiple dimensions to reach in this space, but what is unbelievable to attend.

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Conviene tener presents that poverty and desigualad its problems differ per the first food in the second, asi, la labor poverty refer to the carencia de ingresos y la desigualdad in the form in which the entry into a company is located.

The Global Inequality Information, in its 2022 edition, was recently published by the World Inequality Lab, in the Chapter of Mexico, the caliphate as one of the lands with mayor desigualad to world level, where a minority detains the mayor part of the ingress. At the national level, the difference between the lesser Ghana and the media of which Ghana is 30 times more than the information referred. Pair of dimensions, one Switzerland es de seis veces y en United States of 17 times.

The resorts that feed the ingigualdad de ingresos its fundamentally two. The first, the lack of employment. We refer to those who have been population not economically active but available that in his closet these diez millions of people. The second resort generates disequilibrium is generated between people who have an employee; the low quality of some employees has provoked the existence of poor working people, that, if well occupied, their labor ingresses do not allow poverty to rise, in this section we consider that more than 50% of the occupied population work in informality. These hechos are obliged to reflect on the media in order for the growing tendency in the inequality of ingress to take place. Casi nadie duda de sin sin public interventions valientes y sensatas esta tendeno ne cambiará de rumbo.

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In this sense, and to conclude, the IMEF considers it convenient to distance the international experience that the best practices to moderate labor poverty are: the increase of minimum wage —The only one who can agree with the figure of the poor worker and that at least the current Mexican governor is superior—, and he collective bargaining agreement; now, in view of the Mayo labor reform of 2019, the unions will be reconquering their constitutional papers in the collective bargaining agreement.

Finally, the employer who needs to think and think about a Homocentric model of the labor relation and in this way contribute to the tan anhelada equidad laboral.

* The author is the chairman of the National Technical Committee of the Human Capital of the IMEF.

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