La sexta ola sigue remitiendo en Catalunya

La epidemic curve of the sixth ola sigu cayendo en picado en Catalunya con la mejora de todos los indadores, aunque aun register a single media de algo más de 40 fallecidos diarios por covid en la ultima semana, mientras comienza a descender elumber de ingresos hospitalresios, situándose de nuevo por debajo de 3,000.

See updated dates by Salut, este miercoles hay 2,946 people entered by covid in hospitals, 64 less than the previous day, of which 452 (one less) are in the ucis.

The Rebrote Disease (EPG), indicating that the potential for the epidemic is rising, that the 16th pass has reached the maximum of the epidemic at 6,903 points. .

La velocity of propagation of the disease (Rt) is maintained by its consecutive quarterly debit rate and is 0.75, with each of the 100 infected contagious to a media of 75 people, that is, the virus-infected number is contraindicated.

More dates: the total number of confirmed cases by all types of probes ascending to 2,224,455, of which 19,852 have been notified in the last 24 hours.

From the beginning of the pandemic he officially failed in Catalonia by covid 25,765 people, 49 notified in the last 24 hourswhile last week he killed 290 people during the illness.

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The incidence of positive accumulation in 7 days per 100,000 residents (IA7) is 2,263, while the incidence in 14 days (IA14) is 5,549.

The positivity (the percentage of positive results in PCR tests and antigen testing) was new and was 19.42%.

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