La Salle bets on education in alternative modalities with the Virtual Campus

The La Salle Virtual Campus is an alternative modality of education that breaks geographical and spatial barriers to bring quality education that preponderates the integral development of the person, the characteristic hallmark of the university.

The two postgraduate programs with which the Virtual Campus seeks to set a new trend are the Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused on humanistic values ​​and comprehensive training; and the Master’s Degree in Socio-educational Intervention, which have the RVOE of the Ministry of Public Education. These join the wide range of courses and workshops also taught remotely by the Virtual Campus.

The Virtual Campus platforms allow you to interact with teachers and classmates in simultaneous sessions or independently. It is the axis of different collaboration spaces and the access point to quality digital services and resources. An example of this are its repositories, databases and specialized software.

La Salle has extensive experience of more than 25 years venturing into Alternative Learning Modalities with its own pedagogical model. This is articulated in four dimensions:

  • Philosophical: It considers the student as a human being and prioritizes their well-being, encouraging them to create effective solutions for change and innovation.
  • Psychopedagogical: It favors socio-cognitive learning and develops individual intellectual potential, strengthening collaboration and social participation capacities.
  • Technological: It allows the student to control their learning process and personalize the experience; promotes collaboration and the collective construction of knowledge.
  • Administrative: The support and prestige of one of the best universities in Mexico and a 300-year-old global network of education, research and innovation.

Promoting linkage and cooperation, La Salle Virtual Campus is integrated into national and international technological, academic, research and social impact networks. And as members of the Lasallian community, your students will have access to all the services provided by the University.

La Salle Virtual Campus is the door to a space without walls or limits, a space of academic excellence with a humanistic approach, where Professionals with Value who manage transformation are trained.

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