La Moncloa is studying formulas to recover its cafeteria after two years closed due to a legal dispute

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Last Monday, a new company –Central de Catering Servicatering– began to serve the catering in La Moncloa. It will do so for three months with the possibility of an extension of another five months. It is not the first time, but it may be the last. In the last two years, a dispute with the previous winner has kept the complex’s cafeteria closed, but now the government is studying how to reopen it.

“From the corresponding unit, various formulas are being studied regarding the cafeteria service for when the duration of this file ends (with or without extensions) ”, sources from the Ministry of the Presidency indicate to El ESPAÑOL-Invertia.

The origin of the closure of the cafeteria is in the first awarded company, Dulcinea Nutrición, to which the Government itself canceled the contract in September 2019. A month earlier, it had already stopped paying the payroll to its 38 employees. In addition, he accumulated a large debt with Social Security, according to sources familiar with the situation. In fact, this year it filed for bankruptcy.

The service -which included breakfasts, lunches and coffees for the meetings in La Moncloa- was discontinued while the workers were left in a labor limbo. Until then, few companies were interested in the contract since among the requirements was to assume the debts of the previous winner and subrogate the employees. Some of whom had been in this position for 30 years.

Initially, March 11, 2020 was the scheduled date for the trial between Dulcinea and the Government. But it was delayed a few months by Covid. In July, the Madrid Court of Justice declared the collective dismissal null and void.

In the ruling, it condemned the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory to pay the salaries not received by the workers affected by the collective dismissal, recognizing the right of said workers to immediate reinstatement in their jobs. Job positions.

But a year later the Supreme Court acquitted the Ministry of the Presidency of the labor dispute that had been open for two years in the cafeteria of La Moncloa and revoked the previous sentence. After this ruling, the employment relationship that the employees had with the administration has ended.

During the two years of closure, the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory has supplied the cafeteria service with vending machines for soft drinks and sandwiches -which can be seen in the press area on the days of the Council of Ministers- or for special catering services that they hire on a temporary basis. The last company that carried it out was Grupo Nazábal Restauración.

Now, the Ministry of the Presidency is studying how to re-tender the restaurant service (cafeteria) for the La Moncloa complex and put aside the temporary catering contracts. It has a term of eight months.

Menus at 7.5 euros

Meanwhile, the new awardee must offer a service that consists of the provision of a menu through the catering modality for public employees who provide service in the La Moncloa Complex, for their visitors or companions, as well as for the workers of the Contractor companies, assure from Central de Catering Servicatering to this medium.

The Estimated value of the contract is estimated at 132,908.16 euros at a rate of 19,488 meals in a period of eight months (three months of contract duration plus five planned monthly extensions) At the maximum price of 6.82 euros, VAT not included (7.5 euros including VAT). The company must offer two varieties of menu with meat and fish options, as detailed in the technical specifications of the contract.

This price has been calculated based on the price of the menu of the last tendered catering contracts and the prices offered in the market for services with similar characteristics to the one that is now intended to be contracted.

The estimation of the number of meals corresponds to the forecast of menus that can be served in the period of one month, distributed in 126 daily meals from Monday to Thursday and 42 on Fridays. What makes a number of 2,436 meals per month for a price of 16,613.52 euros, not including VAT.

Despite the value of the contract, “the winning company will not receive any financial benefit from the Ministry. The amount of the catering services will be paid directly by the users at the price offered by the successful tenderer ”, as detailed in the administrative specifications of the contract and sources from the Ministry of the Presidency recall.

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