La moda de la moda, by Jordi Puntí

We’ve seen it all our lives: when the producers of Hollywood they find an idea that gives them money, the explode to exhaustion. I think of the movies of catastrophes, invasions by Martians, spectacular robberies, Italian gangsters and bankers in the middle of financial crisis … AND Superheros, always superheroes. With the digital platforms, this fashion has multiplied. Now everything goes faster and we often know that fashion is tiresome when a film is released that looks like an involuntary parody of the genre. I suspect that is what will happen soon with one of these phenomena: films and series about the world of haute couture and its star designers. The other day at the cinema I saw the trailer for ‘The Gucci House’, de Ridley Scott, released next Friday, and it gave me that impression. Everything indicates that it is a story of inheritance and family revenge in glamorous settings, with renowned actors, but see Lady Gaga, Al Pacino and Adam Driver, dressed in fancy and speaking English with an exaggerated Italian accent, reminded me of the histrionic atmosphere of a Muppets ‘show’.

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Perhaps it is unfair because I am based on the trailer, and surely the intrigues of the Gucci house are interesting, but the feeling is of ‘déjà vu’. I would say that a first sign was the sober biopic Yves Saint LaurentThen came ‘The Invisible Thread’, the splendid film by Paul Thomas Anderson, in which Daniel Day-Lewis played a fictional designer, but with points of contact with Balenciaga. ‘The murder of Gianni Versace’ covered the life and exaggerated aesthetics of the couturier until he was killed, and with Penelope Cruz playing a fearsome Donatella. ‘Halston’, the Netflix series about the designer that was sold ‘ready-to-wear’, took advantage of the versatility of Ewan McGregor. In addition, there are recent documentaries on Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen O Vivienne Westwood. Now ‘The Gucci House’ is added to the list, while another of those recurring fashions explodes: the morbid fascination for the miserable life of millionaires and their family conflicts. A very real world, but one that often seems more fanciful than Marvel superheroes.

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