La Mejor challenges the hegemony of La Z and Ke-Buena as the most listened to station in CDMX

La Mejor 97.7 FM caresses since the third quarter of the year the leadership of the audience in general radio and by volume of Mexico City, where radio stations Ke-Good 92.9, Stereo Jewel 93.7 and La Z 107.3 lead the ratings, although in measurements with other criteria such as only by A / B segments, by age ranges or by power of consumption, other frequencies are leading.

Beyond that The best The popular music market should fight its two direct competitors and that its transmissions are a concept already proven fifteen years ago in the interior of the Republic, its advance on the capital’s radio indicates that a new radio group, MVS Comunicaciones, is now with the station with the highest volume of listeners, when La Z from Radio Centro Group and the Ke-Good from Radiopolis they battled here to retain the first site for two decades.

It also stands out that MVS’s strategy to acquire a signal in the capital to place La Mejor there and thus create a kind of national radio station for popular music and entertainment with announcers and content that were previously from Ke-Buena and La Z It is already generating results, although it is still unknown in how many years that station will achieve financial profitability, since MVS paid 400 million pesos to Grupo Radio Centro in 2020 for the XERC-FM 97.7 MHz and with this it reached two frequency stations modulated and increased its spectral tenure in the capital.

The station “La Mejor FM” was, by volume, the most listened to station in the capital in each month from June to September 2021 and in the quarterly average it had 40,000 more listeners than “Ke-Buena” and 180,000 more than “La Z ”, and those other two stations also lost an average of 25,000 listeners each in the entire third quarter of 2021 and with respect to their own audience volume, according to INRA measurements.

Clearer and in round numbers, La Mejor attracted 643,000 listeners on the June-September quarterly average; Ke-Buena, at 601,000; and La Z, 460,000 listeners.

After these three stations, the fourth most listened to CDMX station is

Stereo Jewel“, With more than half a million net daily listeners and after it, is the signal of” Los 40 “, also caressing that figure.

Ke-Good and La Z have also lost because the most listened to programs and announcers of La Mejor ever transmitted through those other two microphones.

As an example, the most listened to program of these three stations and the entire AM / FM quadrant of the capital is in La Mejor. This is “El Roa Show” and its rating of 0.309 rating points at 07:00 hours, which increases in the morning, until Ke-Buena manages to tie it two hours later. The owner of El Roa Show, Gabriel Roa, broadcast for more than twenty years on La Z, a station that has its best peak in the mornings at 10:00, with 0.868 rating points, but still below the 0.909 points that La Mejor and the 1.1 rating points that the Ke-Buena have at the same time.

At the other end of the schedule, in the afternoon and evening, La Mejor achieves a rating of 0.367 rating points, up to ten tenths above the Ke-Buena and La Z quotas at the same time. The night is almost entirely from La Mejor, since the program “Panda Show”Reaches the mark of 0.451 rating points at 8:00 p.m., compared to 0.234 points for the Ke-Good and the 0.120 points of La Z. The Panda Show program, directed by the communicator José Antonio Zambrano, was taken a few months ago from Ke-Buena.

Although La Z is from, those three stations, the one that has let the public go, its loyal audiences make it the most listened to station at the close of the day, having between 22:00 and 00:00 from 0.206 to 0.286 points of rating, almost double the data of The best and the Ke-Good at those times and so it was throughout September.

The Best FM was in September 2021, one year after being launched on the air in the capital by MVS Communications, to a point of exceeding the share of Ke-Buena, still the most listened to station in the city in this measurement criterion: 5.18% against 6.26% share in the period.

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